Can I hire an escort for threesome?

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There are several couples who have unique sex styles to add to their sex fantasies. One of them is doing a threesome.


Doing a threesome in sex is just to add variety not to involve a new feeling. And it turns out there is a study found that about 15% of the population of the United States had a threesome for sex.


If your partner is a jealous person, then never do a threesome as a variation of your sex. This actually worsens your relationship as lovers. There is also a couple who do threesome with someone they know like a good friend who is single / widowed / widower. If you are worried about the appearance of infidelity or mutual distrust after a threesome, then you can choose to hire a party girl escort to help you make a threesome professionally.


An escort under the auspices of the New York Asian Escort agency can ensure he works professionally without involving feelings of romance. In addition, you can also make sure they are healthy and do not transmit diseases such as venereal diseases, etc. The agencies ensure that their escorts are equipped with health certificates that are regularly renewed to guarantee the safety of their customers.



Of course hiring an party girls escorts to do a threesome is more advisable than you hiring a prostitute to do a threesome with your partner. Whether it’s for reasons of health and sex safety or even in terms of professional service itself.


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Prostitutes usually do not want to serve the fantasy of their customers, and choose to have sex in their own way. While professional escorts have been trained to serve professionally whatever your sex scenario and make sure everything is done safely.



Unlike the case with hiring an escort for individual needs, the price to pay for threesome services is usually a little more expensive. Because escorts usually serve two customers at different times and get double profits. For threesome activities, he/she must serve two people at the same time.



Certainly the price offered is more expensive than renting for just one customer, but still cheaper than renting this escort twice per customer. Consider hiring an escort for you personally charged 200 usd for a romantic package. If you rent this escort for threesome activities, you may have to spend around 300-350 usd.



And you can still take this party girls escorts to go to shopping like the mall or eat together before having sex with a threesome.

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