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Why Keep wearing condoms is a must?

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For your own safety and convenience, you may wish to obtain the most secure and complete Asian escort services. So do you know what a comprehensive security escort service is?

This is a specific term used in the escort industry to explain specific requirements that force clients to wear condoms for safe sex. Full-service escorts must abide by it at all times. Only when all service personnel agree to this clause and reach a consensus can more escort services be provided.


Therefore, it is very important for customers to read the transaction rules carefully before considering whether to continue when the service is halfway through. Unlike any common New York escort service practice, full escort service escort girls are willing to engage in physical contact only if the client puts on a condom before receiving services.

Asian escort service packages often appear on the advertising pages you come across. It represents a full coverage service. Not all escort agencies offer this type of service to you and your group. Some don’t even disclose specific information to customers. You’ll want to ask them some questions before moving forward.


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As the name suggests, you will get full range of services from the charming escort ladies. The only difference is that the escort girls will perform services with you only if you wear a condom. But you can rest assured that this is a full service and encounter. So, this will most likely make for a satisfying experience for both of you. According to official escort agencies, for safety reasons, call girls will refuse to have sex with you if you don’t wear a condom.

Comprehensive and thoughtful escort services are available throughout New York City. Many organizations have been adopting this approach to protect their customers and employees. This safe practice will help all parties involved avoid contracting the disease. Condoms will help prevent the spread of disease, which is the last thing you want to encounter while in New York. So, when choosing an escort, look for a reliable Asian escort service like ours that can guarantee your safety.



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