Proper use of text messaging to communicate effectively with your companionship service girl

There are three most important points among them

Talking about flirting with women is not all that difficult; there is an easier way. But easy here, including relatives.

For example, when someone flirting over the phone works while another tries to flirt with AN Asian outcall ny over the phone too and it doesn’t work. Every man has his advantages in terms of seducing women. Call it if you are not used to talking on the phone then you force flirting with women over the phone. Of course, the results were predictable that would most likely fail.



Therefore do not force flirting with women over the phone. Or you might have an advantage in texting. Then use it via text with your mobile to seduce your target woman. The obvious difficulty is right in front of your eyes when approaching a woman via SMS is that you can only use a few words to flirt with the woman. Make your words through SMS seem charming, cheerful.

Here’s how to flirt with a woman via SMS:


As a man, of course, you need to take the initiative first. However, the initiatives meant here are of course with careful planning and actions following your initial planning. Initially, you need to give the impression of being fun to chat with, because your weapon is only in text and nothing more than this. You need to send the text that is creative and as much as possible that is not too general and formal because it will be a little boring, boring in the sense that many use the greeting word at the beginning of the text.

Pay attention to the correct spelling of the word you submitted. With the wrong spelling, there is a risk that your communication will not be conveyed properly, which creates the risk of miscommunication. This seems trivial, but you need to pay attention to the spelling of your words and try not to have too many word abbreviations because not everyone understands the word abbreviation.

The antenna remains on standby

The point of the antenna here is that you need to stay focused on your goal, which is to seduce the woman, so you need to stay focused and alert. Flirting with women via SMS to find the right moment requires more precision.

You need to make the atmosphere less serious by giving your text more of a joke because at first, you don’t know if this asian outcall ny is the type to be too serious or not. With humor, it puts you in a good position for you and the woman because it’s not too sensitive and can break the ice.

Playing pretty

During the flirting phase, of course, it will not always be in a pleasant state in reality. There must be a phase where you or one of you feels bored or busy and so on so there is no feeling of wanting to continue to communicate. This is when you need to know and be more sensitive to the condition of the woman you are teasing. If you have started to answer briefly without a response back, like when you and she are busy chatting. So at that time, you need to stop teasing the asian outcall ny first.

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