Hosting A Guys Night with Your Escort Girl

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If the house does not give you some privileges you need to host a guys night with your best friends, then you might want to rent a venue, apartment, or room so that you can invite your escort girl there too.

It is a great idea to spend your best friend’s bachelor party with your favorite girls. The good thing about hosting a guys night with your escort girl is that you can hold such entertainment and itineraries as you desire. Obviously, you will get some laughs and unforgettable memories with your best friends. Combining these activities with the women’s companionship will only elevate all of the excitement.


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Game night

I am not only talking about the video game from your favorite console. It can be anything from video game, social game, to even board games. The board games have been rising in popularity lately because most of these involve large groups of people to participate. Try popular social deduction games like Werewolf, the Resistance, Avalon, and so on. Or, perhaps, you are interested in something more classic like Chess. Why not trying to do it? The winners take the girls!
Poker Night

Poker night is a long standing tradition. Most of us might be growing by playing this fun card play with family members and our best friends. When it comes to the guys’ night, it should be in the wishlist. The card games can be pretty serious because it requires competition. You can see that your friends may get tempted to wager their money to make the games more interesting. Adding your gfe experience in the party, it will be a lot of fun.


No matter what occasion that you specify when gathering with your best friends, one thing that we cannot forget: beers! The beers and guys seem to have had such a great relationship for years. Beer goes with many dishes and snacks. Rivaling the beer can also be one of the most spectacular things you can do.

You know that beer comes in many different forms and brands. You can also encourage all of the group members with various preferences. Combine this activity with the other social games. Ones must be happy to take a glass of beer for punishment.

Try adding some munchies. From my personal experience, adding Tabasco can give a good kick in all of the munchies. You should also try that!

Server beer in glasses. Invite the escort girls to participate in the activity as well.

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