Meet up the agency in public place

There’s a chance that you are approached by someone who claims to be an escort agent and wants to see you for identity confirmation or any other deal. Well, we’d like to emphasize it strongly that not all folks are meeting you up for good intention.

There have been many cases where some situations turned out to be violent and oftentimes victims were hard to prove it because the person they met didn’t even use the real name. Before you decide to meet him or her, ask yourself this “Why’d someone want to meet up without knowing anything about the counterpart?”


Do they screen you?

If it is the first time you make a contact with the specific provider and they don’t screen you before meeting you, then you must be curious. It is more likely they are scamming you. Those who don’t screen also means that they are not really paying attention to what they do. Their sole purpose is mostly harming you. Well, in a nutshell, a responsible and trustworthy company will carefully screen their clients for the sake of their escorts’ safety.

Focus only on top rated escort provider

When you browse around, there will be tons of options which can be pretty overwhelming for you. The best way to narrow down your list is to stick to the top rated escort providers. It would be better if you have ever received recommendation from someone who’s ever used the gorgeous escorts service.