Size: 34C – 26- 36

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 101 Lbs

Age: 23

Working Language: US English

Available: Outcall, 24/7​

Introducing Akari: Your Captivating Asian Escort for Unforgettable Adventures

Are you ready for an experience that will leave you breathless?

Meet Akari, the stunning Asian escort who embodies the perfect blend of beauty, intellect, and an adventurous spirit.

Standing at a petite height of 5’4″ with a svelte figure measuring 34C-26-36, Akari is a sight to behold. Her captivating charm and infectious energy will make your time in New York City an unforgettable journey.

Akari is more than just a pretty face. Behind her demure beauty lies a hidden wild side that is waiting to be unleashed with the right company.

She is a true gem, exuding sexiness, fun, and an irresistible energy that will sweep you off your feet. Whether you’re seeking a companion for a public function or a more intimate encounter, Akari is versatile and skilled at adapting to various situations.

As an ideal arm candy, Akari possesses intelligence, grace, and the ability to blend seamlessly into any social setting.

You can trust that she will never let you down or cause any embarrassment. Her elegance and poise make her the perfect companion for any event or occasion.

However, don’t be fooled by her seemingly quiet demeanor. Once her radiant Asian beauty and sensuality take center stage, Akari will transport you to a world of pleasure and ecstasy that you never knew existed.

Allow her to accompany you on a night out in the vibrant city or spend a cozy evening in, and together you will create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime.

Akari’s easygoing and pleasant personality makes her a joy to be around. She genuinely enjoys meeting new people, especially gentlemen like yourself. She is eager to get to know you and make a genuine connection. Spend quality time with her, engage in stimulating conversations, and let the evening unfold naturally.

Before you know it, you’ll be swept away by the irresistible allure of Akari’s radiant beauty and irresistible charm.

We understand that every individual has unique desires and preferences. That’s why we offer a range of exquisite escorts, each ready to cater to your specific needs. If you desire companionship that goes beyond the ordinary, Akari is the Asian escort who will surpass your expectations and fulfill your deepest desires.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience Akari’s captivating presence. Contact us now to arrange a memorable encounter with this enchanting NYC escort.

Our commitment is to ensure your complete satisfaction, providing you with a prompt and reliable service that exceeds your expectations. Let us introduce you to the world of ultimate pleasure and embark on an unforgettable adventure with Akari by your side.

More delightful companions are available to suit your preferences. Give us a call now for fast and discreet delivery.

We guarantee sweet and exceptional service that will leave you fully satisfied.


Please note that our escort service is exclusively available for outcalls.


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 23 reviews
 by Anonymous

Akari is sure to leave a lasting impression on anyone she meets. I impressed

 by Anonymous

There is Akari and all the others…..which won’t really matter anymore if u meet her. I absolutely love this girl, she is so friendly and well-educated. I can’t find the right words to describe her beauty, but she’s gorgeous and will leave you more than happy. If I could, I would visit every day.

 by Anonymous

Very active and responsive at sex, mostly GFE, great kisser.

Be gentle and relaxed and she will pay you back!


 by Anonymous

Sexy!!!! High recomanded

 by Anonymous

A repeat visit, great to see her again. Always pleasant to be with and I enjoy my time with her.

 by Anonymous

She's the embodiment of desire, a truly enchanting experience.

 by Anonymous

Akari is a scorching hot escort. Her sensuality is off the charts, igniting intense desire.

 by Anonymous

The amazing young lady has a well-deserved top mark on service. She didn’t hold back and enjoyed it just as much as I did. Highly recommend her company if you want fun-loving, sweet, and sexy. Thank you!!

 by Anonymous

Prompt on arrival and beautifully dressed. She stayed for the full hour and didn’t disappoint one bit, she even shared a shower with me before she left. Fantastic escort and very friendly. Well worth every penny.

 by Anonymous

Akari's services are highly professional. She is the best Asian Escort on the market. Her house is fantastic, as was her massage, which is adorable and wild.

 by Anonymous

Akari can be described as an Asian escort that is hot and hot. She has gorgeous Asian eyes, attractive facial features, and a stunning figure: She loves to please you with her feminine touch. She's also able to get your feet to curl.

 by Anonymous

When I last visited New York City and called to inquire about Akari's services at Oriental Escorts New York, I was extremely impressed by her professionalism and skill. Beautiful Korean Escort knows what men require and what makes hiring a truly enjoyable escort.

 by Anonymous

Akari is a gorgeous Asian Escort Goddess with Korean Beauty. Her boobs are stunning, and she is always waiting to be with you for an unforgettable experience. Akari is obsessed with Asian girls. If you're looking for someone to fulfil your Asian fantasies and desires, then this Asian girl escort could be the perfect fit for you.

 by Anonymous

Akari is a new York Japanese escort. However, she's not your typical Japanese female. The slim woman is curvaceous, with gorgeous legs that will delight you. Akari is a talented and experienced lady who has the ability that will make your smile, in many different ways. We are in love with her. It's an honor to be able to fulfill all our hopes with an opportunity to own the Japanese Doll

 by Anonymous

When I was last in New York City and called for Akari’s services from Oriental Escorts New York, I was highly impressed with her skill and professionalism. A wonderful and truly beautiful Korean escort, she truly understands what men need and how to bring out real pleasure.

 by Anonymous

Akari has a body so hot she melts the ice. Akari is a Korean escort who is a knockout with the gorgeous bodies and the ripest bubble butts. She was ready for everything and anything.

 by Anonymous

is a gorgeous young New York Asian escort lady. I'll bring out your sexual arousal by inviting you to. If you display our sexual attraction to her and she'll let you kiss her just as you would do to her with genuine joy. Make Akari your partner to enjoy your boring life more.

 by Anonymous

Akari is as gorgeous an ethereal flower as she is elegant. It's wild and bold with a naked stomach, sexually sexy, but with a wide range of fashion as well as mockery and disdain for males.

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Overall Rating: 4.4
  • best girl

    she is best girl ever

    By: jack | 2 years ago

    Akari’s services are highly professional. She is the best Asian Escort on the market. Her house is fantastic, as was her massage, which is adorable and wild.

    By: Anonymous | 2 years ago

    An excursion toward New York City would be incomplete without having a night out with gorgeous

    By: Kevin | 2 years ago

    Great girl have ever seen

    By: websiteoneeditor | 1 year ago

    Thanks for wonderful girl just I was looking for

    By: websiteoneeditor | 1 year ago

    I quite like your style of companion

    By: websiteoneeditor | 1 year ago

    Hi, іts impressive escort girl

    By: websiteoneeditor | 1 year ago

    good time good girl

    By: websiteoneeditor | 1 year ago

    She’s an Asian beauty who is a true leader with a positive attitude. While this stunning young woman seems innocent due to her beautiful, soft appearance, she’s an incredibly sexually active woman.

    By: websiteoneeditor | 1 year ago

    cool girl of korean escorts

    By: websiteoneeditor | 1 year ago

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