Size: 34D – 26- 36

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 107 Lbs

Age: 23

Working Language: US English

Available: Outcall, 24/7​

Though she’s a tiny woman, Demy’s tight body is absolutely lovely and perfect for fulfilling all of your deepest, darkest Asian escort fantasies. With her perfect curves and smooth skin, once you’ve got her in your arms you’ll never want to let go. She’s more than capable of driving you mad with lust, but what will truly surprise you is how lovely she is on the inside.


Though she may look sweet and innocent, this DFK and surprisingly dirty Asian escort has a delightful and sparkling personality. Charming and friendly, she is just as comfortable sitting and talking with you as she is bringing your carnal pleasures to life. It’s easy to get lost in conversation with a girl as kind and intelligent as Demy, the hours just flying by as you get to know and adore her.


From top to bottom, Demy is a perfect combination of sweetness and sexiness. Skilled in sensuality and a truly experienced escort, she will help you craft memorable and erotic fantasies that will stay in your memories and heart forever. She loves meeting new people and bringing men to the greatest heights of pleasure; why not find out today what she can do for you?


Demy has a really lovely body, with perfect curves and satiny-smooth skin that will drive you mad with lust, but what will really impress you is how lovely she is on the inside.​ This DFK and surprisingly dirty Asian escort has a wonderful, sparkling personality with a charm and friendly nature that will bring you back to her as readily as her gorgeous body.


From top to bottom, this girl is pure kindness and sexiness, creating memorable and erotic evenings that will stay burned in your memory forever. She would love to see you and show you just what peaks of pleasure she is capable of taking you to, why not find out today what she could do for you?Type your paragraph here.

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 19 reviews
 by Anonymous

Can't wait to meet her!

 by Anonymous

Demy is an Asian princess in every sense of the word, with a perfect body. She satisfied every carnal pleasure I every had, and I will be back for more. I would marry her if I could.

 by Anonymous

The present Demy is very sexy and entertaining for more than an hour. The experience is fantastic. I'll be back next time.

 by Anonymous

A gorgeous, beautiful female is enough to produce the body fluid. She is awed by her abilities and appreciates them better than the rest of us. It is good to use this As AN accompanying person to enjoy a fun day out. good nyc asian escort!

 by Anonymous

The current Demy is extremely sexy extremely enjoyable over an hour. The experience is great. I will be back next time.

 by Anonymous

All of these features combine to give Demy an air of sweetness and sexiness that you can't find anywhere else! Demy has an hourglass figure with long legs and a curvy bottom that will have you drooling at first sight. She can be your Asian girlfriend or Asian wife for the night.

 by Anonymous

She's a tiny Asian female Escort with smooth and satiny Asian skin. Her curvy body has all the perfect curves. However, her greatest assets are her doll-like eyes and full pouty lips.

 by Anonymous

She'll be delighted to guide you through the adventure that you've always wanted to take. She's an Asian model with exotic features and a physique that won't stop. If you'd like to feel like royalty at your house, then contact her right now. She's available 24 hours a day.

 by Anonymous

When I was last in New York City, I was looking for a little adventure with an exotic Asian escort, and Demy was more than capable of introducing some adventure in my life. She was attentive and friendly and oh so sexy. I cannot recommend engaging her services enough!

 by Anonymous

Demy is a tiny Asian escort who has satiny and smooth Asian skin. She's got a curvy body with all of the right curves, but her best assets are her doll-like eyes and full pouty lips.

 by Anonymous

This Asian escort offers sweetness and sexiness that you won't find anywhere else, in addition to having satiny smooth Asian skin.

 by Anonymous

Extremely good fun with a friendly attitude. She has the most beautiful body, face, and breasts… and I felt very lucky to be with her.

 by Anonymous

She is great, nice personality, and a sense of humor made the meeting even more enjoyable. See you soon and thanks!

 by Anonymous

Demy went all out to satisfy me and I was certainly her center of attention at all times. No clock watching and plenty of stuff to keep us entertained. I’ve seen escorts before that are geared up but Demy had toys and outfits to suit any fantasy and pretty much anything goes. Plus she’s actually a really lovely person to get to know, which was a nice added touch. The icing on the cake for me was getting to see her please herself, something I won’t forget in a hurry. Her body is womanly with nice feminine curves and there was enough of her to squeeze and enjoy for my liking. I’m not into these super skinny ones so Demy was perfect for me. She is professional in what she does and you leave feeling refreshed and like you got your money's worth. This one is for us real men, lol. All in all, I was very happy. A nice escort, pleasing to the eye and she certainly knows her stuff. What more do you want?

 by Anonymous

A big thank you to Demy for being so sweet, caring, and super sexy. And yes she is as good as her pictures, if not better. Best Asian escort I’ve seen in ages and so genuine and friendly too. Though photos are clearly edited for these girls, I thought Demy actually looked better in person and more natural. I loved everything about her and I will book again when I’m back from holiday.

 by Anonymous

I had always wanted an Asian escort that was innocent but also was a bit wild, and I was happy to see that Demy has brought every part of my fantasies to life. She appears very sweet and gentle and true to what she's. However, if you put her in the bedroom and she's down and dirty, teen Five stars!

 by Anonymous

Demy is one of my respected Asian escorts. During my first experience with her, we almost went blind in the act. She made me feel good and tasty . I love how you handled me, Baby

 by Anonymous

I wanted an Asian escort who looked innocent but had a wild side, and I was very pleased when Demy brought every element of that fantasy to life. She looks so sweet and so kind, and in truth she is, but get her in the bedroom and she is a down and dirty minx. Five stars!

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Overall Rating: 4.5

    Demy is stylishly dressed and draws the attention she deserves. She never appears out from the norm. She is an educated and sophisticated woman who can appear better than the pictures she’s seen and is sure to be with you.

    By: EscortclientID | 11 months ago

    hot pretty asian

    By: websiteoneeditor | 4 months ago

    nice service

    By: websiteoneeditor | 4 months ago

    good weekend with this girl

    By: websiteoneeditor | 4 months ago

    she interracted with me in amazing way

    By: Karl | 3 months ago

    Wow, superb lady

    By: Chris | 3 months ago

    worth exploring

    By: Jef | 3 months ago

    so exciting and happy with her service

    By: Mckinley B | 2 months ago

    great pleasure that men are looking for

    By: Brittan | 1 month ago

    Quality services, consistent performance

    By: Mecci GJ | 1 month ago

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