Name: Ellen

Age: Early 20’s

Height: 1.60m

Dress size: M

Lingerie: D

Eyes: Brown

Occupation: Model

Languages: English

About Ellen

Ellen brightens up every room she enters. Ellen is beautiful inside and out. She’s a nubile escort and has many naughty ideas. Elle is a sexy blonde who knows how to keep the sexual tension high until it threatens to overflow. You will always have her full attention when you’re with her.

Ellen is a hot blonde who sparkles in the light and has unusual eyes that glow green under certain lights but are sultry brown under others. You will feel like you are in control of her charm. The build-up is her favorite part of the evening. She will take in all you have to offer and draw out all the sexual tension until it’s time for you to explore.

Ellen enjoys flirting and making people laugh. Elle takes great care of herself. Her body is toned after hours at the gym. Her hair shines, and her skin sparkles. Elle is the perfect escort if you want stunning looks, young bodies, and a lively personality.

Ellen is full of innovative ideas that will grab your attention. Elle is a woman who knows what she’s worth. Elle makes you feel loved and appreciated. You will have a lot of fun and feel like your stress melts away. You will feel renewed and full of life thanks to her many tricks. You will feel like a new man after one date with her.

4 reviews for “Ellen”

Overall Rating: 4.5

    Take a look at her portfolio, and you’ll witness her as a beautiful sexy escort. Elle has a beautiful face with beautiful hair and beautiful eyes.

    By: Jason | 2 months ago


      By: NYC Asian Escort Agency Site Editor | 2 months ago

    Take a look at her silky smooth skin and gorgeous curly bum, something you’d want to touch. Elle loves being taken out on a private date dinner at the traditional bar.

    By: Tommy | 2 months ago


      By: NYC Asian Escort Agency Site Editor | 2 months ago