Name: Ellen

Age: Early 20’s

Height: 1.60m

Dress size: M

Lingerie: D

Eyes: Brown

Occupation: Model

Languages: English

About Ellen

Ellen radiates a captivating presence whenever she enters a room.

She possesses both inner and outer beauty that leaves a lasting impression. As an alluring escort, Ellen is brimming with tantalizing ideas that will ignite your desires.

With her stunning blonde hair and an irresistible charm, she knows exactly how to build up the sexual tension to its peak, keeping you enthralled and yearning for more. When you’re in Ellen’s company, you will always have her undivided attention.

With her striking blonde locks that glisten in the light, Ellen’s eyes possess a captivating allure. They transform into a mesmerizing shade of green under certain lighting, yet exude a sultry brown intensity in others.

You will feel a sense of control over her charm, savoring each moment as the anticipation heightens. Ellen cherishes the buildup, relishing in every opportunity to explore your desires and release the pent-up sexual tension.

Ellen is not only a captivating beauty, but she also has a playful and witty personality. She takes pride in maintaining her physique, sculpted through dedicated hours at the gym.

Her hair cascades with a radiant shine, and her skin exudes a mesmerizing glow. If you seek a companion with stunning looks, youthful allure, and a vibrant spirit, Ellen is the perfect NYC escort for you.

With Ellen, you can expect a wealth of innovative ideas that will captivate your attention. She is a confident woman who knows her worth, and she effortlessly makes you feel loved and appreciated.

Spending time with her is an exhilarating experience, where your stress melts away, and you find yourself immersed in pure enjoyment.

Ellen’s repertoire of tricks will leave you feeling revitalized and invigorated, like a brand-new man after just one date.

Take action now and embark on an unforgettable journey with Ellen. Allow her charm, beauty, and vibrant personality to sweep you off your feet.

Indulge in her alluring presence, and rediscover a zest for life that you never knew existed.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the magic of Ellen for yourself.

Book a date with Ellen now and unlock a world of pleasure and excitement.

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 7 reviews
 by Anonymous

Very chilled and open-minded and a great girl to get to know. Love her!

 by Anonymous

Ridiculously good. Best experience with a cheap escort I’ve had. She excels on every level – Smart, engaging, extra services, nothing is too much for her. It’s really hard to let her go.

 by Anonymous

I would enjoy talking to this girl again, and her social skills were very good, I would book again.

 by Anonymous

Her small breasts are the only normal thing on her. Everything else is great, her nature has given her a beauty that doesn't need any Photoshop to make her more attractive. You can immediately distinguish his experience from his movements, his game is poetry and he has no hesitation in delivering what he promises.

 by Anonymous

She is certainly sexy, and to top it off, you instantly know this is a person you want to spend time with. perfect for everyone.

 by Anonymous

She came to see me. As soon as she arrived I felt completely comfortable with her. She’s very friendly, jaw-droppingly beautiful and very very very sexy! Her service was second to none, no rushing and happy to be pleasured in return. I very felt love for her.

 by Anonymous

I was visiting this girl. Easy to find. I was pleased with the sexy underwear, and a smile. Excellent service!!! Open, don't shy. I love them.

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Overall Rating: 4.5

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    This lady is so sexy I will hire her again

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