Size: 34D – 25- 36

Height: 5’5″

Weight: 110 Lbs

Age: 24

Working Language: US English

Available: Outcall, 24/7​


You can find a lot of different experiences from a lot of different Asian escorts, but if you’re looking for a high class and glamorous experience with an elegant woman, than look no further than the lovely Emma. She’s a classy lady looking for a classy guy, and show her the proper appreciation and she’ll be happy to return the favor in making your night in New York City unforgettable. Beautiful and looking for a man who can properly satisfy her, if just so she can return the favor, Emma is a handful in all the best ways.

Emma is practically perfect in every way. Skilled in the sensual arts and living to serve, she is happy to use her abilities to offer a memorable, top notch escort experience to the discerning gentleman. Whether you’re looking for someone you can take out on the town or someone for a wild night of passion, Emma can offer you whatever you are looking for with energy and enthusiasm. With her wide variety of services, give her a call if you’re looking for superb role play, as she can use this to offer you a night you’ll never forget.

Glamorous and high class Asian escort Emma is as beautiful as she is horny for men who know how to properly satisfy a girl. Show her some appreciation like this, and she’ll be more than happy to return the favor tenfold.

With a sexy and slender body, she is perfect in almost every way, using her skills to offer a memorable and superb escort experience. Offering a wide variety of services, call her if you especially have a desire for some role play services, as she can use these to offer you a night that you’ll never forget.Type your paragraph here.

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New York Super Asian Models Escort Service
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 17 reviews
 by Anonymous

Suppose you're looking for a seasoned and attractive Asian female to take care of. Emma is the ideal choice for you. She is extremely attractive and attractive. The form of her stomach and her body keeps you intrigued about having a night out with her. You can customize her appearance to what you like.

 by Anonymous

Many Asian escorts offer different experiences, but Emma is the perfect choice if you want a glamorous and high-class experience with an elegant lady. Emma is a sophisticated lady who wants to meet a man of distinction. She will be delighted to help make your New York City night unforgettable.

 by Anonymous

Emma was everything I wanted when I was looking for a high class Asian escort in New York City. She was elegant, exotic, and eager to please. I live a stressful life, and she was able to take me away from it for one wonderful evening. An evening in NYC without Emma is a wasted evening!

 by Anonymous

If you are looking for an Asian escort, Emma can be your perfect partner. You've seen Asian escorts before, but you've never seen Asian escorts like Emma. She is glamorous and sexy. She is the type of Asian escort who will make your dreams come true in more ways than one! Hire her now for a night of sex that is out-of-this-world.

 by Anonymous

Emma is an Asian escort in New York who has it all: she's glamorous, sexy, and always available for a fun time if you're looking for the perfect Asian escort experience.

 by Anonymous

Wow wow wow!!! She arrived at my hotel looking gorgeous. She’s as beautiful in life as she is on the website with a nice natural figure, well-dressed and a positive attitude.

 by Anonymous

Bright, bubbly and spectacularly generous and keen. Maybe older than stated but a really naughty escort and a dream to look at when she’s on top! Thank you

 by Anonymous

Do it as well as Anonymous; she's an Asian girl with gorgeous and sexy curves that will make you desire to explore for endless hours.

 by Anonymous

Emma, a beautiful and sophisticated Asian escorted, is a pleasure for men who can please a girl. This is how you show your appreciation, and she will be more than happy to repay the favor tenfold.

 by Anonymous

Emma is beautiful and seeking a man who will satisfy her. She is skilled in the sensual arts and can provide a memorable, high-quality escort experience for the discerning.

 by Anonymous

She is a beautiful, slim woman with a great body. Her skills will make for a memorable escort experience. She offers a variety of services. Call her if you are interested in role-playing services. This will ensure that you have a memorable night.

 by Anonymous

My first time with Emma and she was amazing!

 by Anonymous

Emma has been an Aslan Escort in New Fork who has It all: she's beautiful hot, sensual, and always willing to have a blast If you're in search of the ultimate Asian Escort experience.

 by Anonymous

It's possible that you weren't familiar with the Asian Escort beauty Emma but. Emma has come to demonstrate why Asian Escorts are one of the most effective. You'll be awed by her gorgeous bosoms along with her Korean Beauty.

 by Anonymous

I had not had the privilege to hire an Asian escort before booking Emma during my last trip to Manhattan, and I was nervous, and I shouldn't have been. New York Asian Luxe Escorts are highly professional and professional. They helped me select the perfect woman. They also introduced me to a Japanese Escort, Emma. Emma... It was a completely different type of woman. Her beauty was such that I wasn't sure how to proceed. But she was aware of what she was doing and assured me that I wouldn't have to be concerned. Her breasts left me in awe. However, she was able to use them and everything else to help me stay on track. I parted with her hand to meet the man I've been with for a while and am looking for an excuse to travel back to the city to see her again

 by Anonymous

The trip as well as the time spent with Emma was an absolute blast. The couple was so welcoming to me, as if they were the most beautiful couple New York asian escort in this world. I've already scheduled a date for this month with two of them, and I'll keep an eye out for it every morning. Your escorts are amazing.

 by Anonymous

Emma is a beautiful and flexible Korean girl. If you're interested in her, she'll let you know she's open to gentlemen but not gold miners. Pick her, pick me. My body is absolutely hot.

10 reviews for “Emma”

Overall Rating: 4.6

    Emma is among the most popular VIP escorts in New York City, Emma is a prestigious Asian Escort NY and has the attributes to unforgettable your evening.

    By: Ken | 11 months ago

    i am looking for an excuse to travel back to the city to see her again!

    By: Ben | 9 months ago

    Wow, nice, younger girl is good at her job

    By: websiteoneeditor | 4 months ago

    Wow!Excellent choice ofescort

    By: websiteoneeditor | 3 months ago

    unforgettable asian escorts

    By: websiteoneeditor | 3 months ago

    sheisthe asian escort making me on top of the world

    By: websiteoneeditor | 3 months ago

    sweet, caring, and beautiful

    By: websiteoneeditor | 3 months ago

    as she is so hot and knowledgeable in how to use her body to please men as they’ve never been pleased style the best night of my life.

    By: websiteoneeditor | 3 months ago

    she is just a rare beauty i can hire within my budget

    By: Lizette | 3 months ago

    maximum pleasure and satisfaction in her best way

    By: Bernard G | 1 month ago

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