Size: 36D – 25- 37

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 104 Lbs

Age: 25

Working Language: US English

Available: Outcall, 24/7​​

Impossibly beautiful and with curves that don’t seem to belong on such a delicate Asian doll, Isabella is the Asian escort of your dreams, but the kind of dreams that you can easily make a reality. Get close to her and you’ll find she’s more than just a fantasy, and that her curves (especially her massive, E-cup breasts!) will have you falling in love at first sight.


Playful and charming, Isabella is not only an ideal companion for social occasions where you may need to impress others (or simply draw their attention), but also for private, intimate encounters where her skills for seduction and the sensual arts will truly take over to drive you wild with lust.


This busty and lusty Asian flower knows more about pleasure than you can possibly imagine and loves to share it with any discerning gentleman who shares time with her. Her many sides will impress you and drive you wild, and you won’t regret a single moment spent with her. Book time with Isabella today and you’ll understand why she’s been given a 100% satisfaction rating with every client she’s ever been with.


All it takes is one touch from her talented hands, one glance at her amazing curves, one of her beautiful, shy smiles, and she’ll melt your heart and invade your soul. Your evening with her will be one you remember for a lifetime, and one you’ll wish to repeat time and time again.

Busty Korean escort Isabella is so beautiful you might first think she is impossible, but get close to her and you’ll see that not only is she real, but that her curves might have you falling in love.

Playful and charming, Isabella is a wonderful companion for social occasions, but it is in private where her charms will truly take over.


This unbelievably busty Asian goddess knows everything about pleasure and loves to spread it to every man that she meets. Book time with her today and you’ll see why she’s been given a 100% satisfaction rating with every client she’s ever worked with.

One touch from her talented hands, one glance at her amazing curves, one smile from her beautiful face, and she’ll have you hooked in no time.Type your paragraph here.


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 16 reviews
 by Anonymous

Cheeky brunette with a great attitude, and a gorgeous body. Spending some time with her today was great and i will surely come back for more.

 by Anonymous

Well, she was very friendly and she certainly knows how to entertain you! It will be nice to see her for longer next time so I will arrange again for next month. Thanks!

 by Anonymous

Thank you for your kindness. Escort Isabella was beautiful and delightfully smelled delicious with a beautiful smell and nice hot. I enjoyed all she did. I'll schedule a time with you shortly.

 by Anonymous

I could get lost in Isabella’s breasts, but then I wouldn’t be able to experience everything else this lovely Asian escort has to offer. She was a pleasant companion who talked me through my nerves when we first began our evening, allowing me to truly relax for the first time in ages.

 by Anonymous

It's possible that you aren't aware that the Asian Escort beauty, but Isabella has arrived to show her the reasons New york Asian Escorts are one of the most effective! You'll be sexually attractive with her bosoms and Korean beautiful.

 by Anonymous

Thank you for your kindness. Escort Isabella beautiful and delightfully smelled delicious with a beautiful smell and nice hot. I enjoyed all she did. I'll schedule a time with you shortly.

 by Anonymous

Isabella is perfect for you if you are looking to have an attractive and sexy woman on your bed to be your nightmare and fulfill your teenage years' desires. She is a hot Korean girl. Riley. Her Ligure is a light animal and is long-legged, with firm shells and soft pale skin.

 by Anonymous

Isabella is a beautiful girl with plenty of sexually sexy energy. She is courteous and sensitive. Beautiful and tempting, she is attracted by gentlemen. It's hard to keep your eyes off of her breasts. Isabella Sexy Asian Escort Hot Girl. She has had the pleasure of sharing her moments with many wonderful people.

 by Anonymous

I got in touch with her in a month when I looked at her asian escort profile. She's a gorgeous woman! She seems like a real ANGEL who has come from heaven, without a doubt! She's kind, good sweet, friendly, and incredibly smart. It is possible to have a wonderful moment with.

 by Anonymous

Isabella is a stunning Asian woman who can escort you to give you the impression of a millionaire. She's hot and attractive. If you're looking for the top Asian female escorts and m to, she's the one for you. She's had the privilege of being an Asian escort for more than 10 years, which means she's a pro If you're looking for service for tonight.

 by Anonymous

If you're seeking a new partner in the office or require assistance with work-related issues, Isabella will be more than willing to accompany you for your next visit.

 by Anonymous

If you've been thinking about the idea of an Asian lady for a long time and you're looking to experiment with something completely new, contact Isabella for the chance to speak with you now.

 by Anonymous

If you're looking for an Asian escort, Isabella is your Asian girl of choice. She will do anything to make sure that her clients are happy, including letting them explore their fantasies with her. It is a well-known fact that Asian women are some of the most desirable in the world. Asian escort girls like Isabella from Asian Escort Girls have been providing their clients with fantasies for years, and now you can too.

 by Anonymous

Isabella is an Asian escort girl who has real E-cup boobs. She has a slim body and perfect skin. Her Asian background makes her more exotic than other girls, but this doesn't make her less beautiful! When you meet with Isabella, she will be wearing sexy lingerie that shows off her stunning figure. You can book an appointment with this Asian goddess for the night or even for the weekend!

 by Anonymous

If you've been dreaming about an Asian woman for a while now or want to experiment with something new, then please give Isabella a call today.

 by Anonymous

Ooh Isabella, sweet Isabella, we didn’t have long together but you left me a changed man. You’re an Oriental gem, perhaps the sweetest Asian escort in all of New York City. You brought my passions to life, and I look forward to encountering you again to play some more!

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    Good Service

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