Name: Jean
Age: 22
Height: 5′ 2″
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel
Statistics: 34D-26-35
Nationality: Hong Kong
Languages: English & Cantonnese
Outcall: Yes
Location: New York city

Hong Kong model Jean has the kind of beauty that’s out of this world. A perfect mix between cute and sexy, down to earth and awe inspiring, delicate and sensual, she is a perfect mix of traits that any man should be looking for when contacting an Asian escort.


This bright young girl with the delicate, elegant features looks like nothing but innocence on the surface, but don’t be fooled: she’s a sexual dynamo in disguise. This girl has all the experience in the sensual arts that you can imagine, and quite a bit more that you can’t. One night with her will not only bring your fantasies to life, but probably create several new ones.


Jean lives to serve and believes highly in customer satisfaction. When you are with her, you are her top priority and she will do whatever it takes to make sure you feel however you want to feel. She treats every client as she wishes to be treated herself, so you know that not only will you receive the best service, but you will feel like you should return the favor yourself (which she also loves!) Spend an evening with Jean and you will understand what it’s like to be a king.


When you’ve got an evening with Jean, you are guaranteed relaxation like you’ve never experienced before, so kick back, have fun and let her bring the fireworks to your evening in New York City.


Petite and gorgeous Hong Kong model Jean is the perfect mix of cute and sexy that you would want in hiring an Oriental escort.Though young and cute and with a face that radiates nothing but innocence, don’t be fooled because this girl has all the experience you can imagine, and quite a lot more that you can’t.


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 18 reviews
 by Anonymous

Nice time, nice moment. Everything was exactly as planned. I'm not going to New York in one month. However, I'll schedule an appointment with you soon, Betty, the gorgeous New york Asian Escort.

 by Anonymous

Jean is a Korean escort that can help you realize your goals. You'll be amazed by her beautiful beauty when you gaze into her gorgeous eyes. She will assist you in realizing your desires.

 by Anonymous

I finally managed to get an hour in jeans today and maybe drink at night, and I believe the real person is sexier than the image. However, the conversation is easy English, not Russian, and communication is not a problem. The entire process of service is extremely hard and deserves praise.

 by Anonymous

When you’re with Jean, you are guaranteed a relaxing time, so kick back, have fun and let her bring your evening to life.

 by Anonymous

She treats every client as she wishes to be treated herself, so you know that not only will you receive the best service, but you will feel like you should return the favor yourself.

 by Anonymous

Whether you are looking for some company at the office or need some help relaxing after work, Jean will be more than happy to join you on your next trip.

 by Anonymous

She is sexy and delicate, with an incredible body she is proud to display. Jean has a positive outlook toward life. This makes her ideal for any event.

 by Anonymous

She takes customer satisfaction very seriously, and when with you will treat you like there is no person in the world more important.

 by Anonymous

Jean is a cute and sexy Asian escort who will take your breath away with her beauty. Jean has the softest, most delicate touch you'll ever experience. She's one of our top-rated Hong Kong escorts, and we know she'll make you feel at ease from the moment she greets you with a smile.

 by Anonymous

She is Delicate and Sensual, with an amazing body that she loves to show off. Jean has a great attitude towards life, which makes her perfect for any occasion.

 by Anonymous

She was very beautiful and a great girl to spend a quality night with. Will see her again soon.

 by Anonymous

Jean is, in a word, amazing. I mean that sincerely: she’s truly spectacular, beautiful in body and soul. She absolutely delivered on every level. An experience I will remember for the rest of my life. But as beautiful and as skilled as she is, the best thing about her is her personality. She is smart, funny, warm, and kind. She loves to laugh and giggle and joke around and is the perfect GFE for this traveling businessman. Do yourself a favor and go see this woman. You’ll thank me.

 by Anonymous

Well, what can I say? Jean is a perfect example of a good escort. Her attitude is perfect and her cute little figure is just made for squeezing. But the main feature is not her beauty or formidable bedroom action, it’s her. She was always smiling, and laughing, and was clearly engaged in one thing only – to ensure that I was a very happy client throughout. I was so impressed that I changed 1 hour into 2 hours immediately. And yes, I think she is worth spending your money on.

 by Anonymous

I had a great time in my Escort. She was beautiful and amazing. I've already referred two of my acquaintances for NYC Escorts! Thank you.

 by Anonymous

The escort Jean was friendly and I had the best time! Great service, I highly recommend it to everyone who is in need of a quality escort!

 by Anonymous

This Asian Escort has sweetness and sexiness you can't get anywhere else and has silky smooth Asian skin.

 by Anonymous

I got in touch with Stella as I was searching for a beautiful Japanese friend to share my time with. I didn't realize how fortunate she was. With or without the amazing Hord, Jean is an absolute delight. She's gorgeous, and has a gorgeous appearance and gorgeous figure, yet she is an actress as well as the capability to show that.

 by Anonymous

I finally enjoyed an hour of jeans today and possibly drink later in the night, and I think the natural person is more attractive than the model. But, the conversation can be had in English and not Russian, and communication isn't difficult. The entire process is lengthy and worthy of applause.

10 reviews for “Jean”

Overall Rating: 4.6
  • Nice girl

    She is good at service, worth the price

    By: Buddy | 1 year ago

    Thank you for the evening

    By: websiteoneeditor | 5 months ago

    Woah! I’m really loving her service

    By: websiteoneeditor | 3 months ago

    It’s really a cool and amazing escort service

    By: websiteoneeditor | 3 months ago

    This girl is guaranteed to leave you smiling from ear to ear.

    By: websiteoneeditor | 3 months ago

    Her Asian background makes her more exotic than other girls, but this doesn’t make her less beautiful!

    By: John T. Lowery | 3 months ago

    big surprise for this stunning escorts

    By: websiteoneeditor | 2 months ago

    she turn me up and really found my happiness…

    By: Verla | 2 months ago

    good girl for work or leisure

    By: Lavaf | 4 weeks ago

    satisfy myself with all the secret desires

    By: Bett | 4 weeks ago

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