Name: Michelle

Age: Early 23’s

Height: 1.67m

Dress size: M

Lingerie: DD

Eyes: Brown

Occupation: Personal Assistant

Languages: English

About Michelle

Michelle is a sensual, passionate brunette who radiates an angelic aura. This angelic escort is loyal and kind-hearted, and I can’t wait for her to show her saucy side. Michelle is an angel disguised with a body that belies belief.

Michelle is one of our most friendly escorts. You will fall in love with her warm smile and bedroom eyes as soon as you meet her. Although she appears innocent, her seduction techniques are extraordinary. Her long dark hair and beautiful eyes make her look stunning, but her curvy physique makes her so hot. You will find that she is open to listening to your ideas and wants to spend time together. You will feel endless bliss when you share her passion for being a companion.

Michelle is passionate about travel and dreams of being intimate at 30,000 feet, on the beach and in the ocean. A mile-high club member, Michelle is not as innocent as she appears. Enjoy an intimate dinner with Michelle to get to know her better. There is so much more than meets the eye. Her interests range from literature and fashion to social sciences. She is as sexy as she looks and will make you want to return for more.

Polite and with impeccable manners. While you’re having dinner with her, you won’t be able to forget how beautiful she looks in the lingerie that she picked just for you.

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 3 reviews
 by Anonymous

She was fantastic! Photos are correct and she never once looked at her phone or seemed disinterested in my company. She gave me total 100% attention, all the time, and best of all the way looks in your eyes. Wow! She has a very cheerful and bubbly personality and I’m sure would always be the center of any party. I cannot say everything that happened but my advice is to treat her with respect because she is a really nice human being. And if you expect her to look great & sexy for you, then you should do the same

 by Anonymous

Simply beautiful, nice body as shown in the pictures. Quick-witted and eager to please.

 by Anonymous

Michelle came to me last night and it ended up being a far better experience than expected. Firstly, she’s very nice looking, basically like her photos, naturally pretty and better in the flesh. Secondly, she’s very sweet, genuine, and friendly. She asked for payment on arrival and once that was sorted was happy to please me without any restrictions or hesitation. I’ll also mention that she was very well dressed and appropriate for a home visit but when that dress came off the lingerie and body were WOW!!! To top it off, she even had a few different outfits in her bag with her. Hence the extended 3 hr booking. We had a lot of fun and 1hr was no way near long enough! I’m looking forward to seeing her again and I will be booking longer for the next time

3 reviews for “Michelle”

Overall Rating: 4.5

    I’m extremely busy, and I don’t get to spend many hours with my friends. Luckily, places like sexy Luxury Escorts can make this easy for me to worry about.

    By: Tommy | 5 months ago


      By: NYC Asian Escort Agency Site Editor | 5 months ago

    Michelle loves what she does, so all her clients know that they would be getting genuine pleasure with her.

    By: Dennis G. McKee | 1 month ago