Name: Mila
Age: 24
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 102 Lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Statistics: 34C-25-37
Languages: US English
Outcall: Yes
Location: Manhattan

If you’re looking for a beautiful, superior Asian escort experience, then look no further than the lovely Mila . Like her name says, Mila is beautiful inside and out. Her style is elegant and manner refined, her beauty incomparable and graceful. If you’re in need of a companion while out in New York City, Mila ’s company is second to none.


Though beautiful and refined, don’t think for one second that Mila lacks a sensual side. Her graceful elegance hides a woman with true fire in her heart, one who lives to please and truly enjoys helping you reach peaks of pleasure you never knew to be possible.


While you may be captivated by her gorgeous face, never for one second ignore her tight, amazing body. Her tight figure possesses some of the nicest, long legs and tightest butts you’ll ever experience, all with soft pale skin that you will be aching to touch.


Combined with her inherent sweetness and desire to serve, and you’ll find an evening with Mila is one that you’ll be thinking about long after it’s over. Call her up and meet the Asian escort of your dreams today!


Like her name says, Mila is a beautiful girl inside and out, with an elegant style and one of the sweetest smiles you’ll ever see, all put together with one of the most stunning bodies you’ll have the pleasure to become acquainted with.


Her tight body possesses some of the nicest legs and the tightest butts you’ll ever know, all with soft, pale skin and a sweetness that will melt your heart when she’s not bringing you the great pleasure she lives to deliver.

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 15 reviews
 by Anonymous

Mila is a gorgeous Japanese girl. If you have an evening with her, you'll be sure to have fun with the sexual experience. You can choose to have Mila as your night-time persona as you pass through your hectic and dull time. Mila's one-year-old is always waiting to bring you complete satisfaction.

 by Anonymous

I adored and will forever remember Mila. I will always remember Mila, especially her beautiful appearance, gorgeous eyes, beautiful body, and mature and sexy personality during my time with her. Mila has a professional manner and is easy to understand.

 by Anonymous

This is an enjoyable surprise to discover such a rare and amazing New York Asian Escort in the middle of tour. She's adorable and extremely fun. She's going to be a regular client, surely.

 by Anonymous

I had a fantastic time last night with my escort. She was simply amazing and beautiful. I have already referred 2 of my friends to New York Escorts! Thank you.

 by Anonymous

If you are looking for a nice experienced Asian escort then Mila is perfect for you. She is very sexy and hot. The shape of her ass and her body shape will make you more interested to spend the night with her. You can get him to you as you wish.

 by Anonymous

Absolute stunning girl. She basically made my day, my week, and my month. Thanks to the management and the reception team for making my life so nice with Wendy!!! Great attitude, crazy beautiful, performance … spot on! It’s very nice to have Wendy on your team guys.

All the best,

 by Anonymous

Miller is 24 years old. A sexy young woman will arouse your sexual moment from getting you. When you present your arousal to her, she will let you caress her just like you. And give you real happiness. Make Mila your partner to enjoy your boring life more.

 by Anonymous

Mila came to see me. As soon as she arrived I felt completely comfortable with her. She’s very friendly, jaw-droppingly beautiful, and very very very sexy! Her service was second to none, no rushing, and happy to be pleasured in return. Delicious body and I would recommend her highly.

 by Anonymous

Pretty escort a great body with amazing natural boobs and curves, open, friendly, and very eager to please. She ensured I had the best time – which I did. Highly recommended

 by Anonymous

While she may look sweet and pure, she is a sexy tigress once you get to know her who accepts fetish calls; contact today to find out just how Mila can fulfill all your fantasies!

 by Anonymous

Mila is thrilled to lead you on the trip you've always wanted to go on. Mila is an Asian model with exotic looks and a physique that doesn't feel like royalty in your home. Contact her now. She's accessible 24 hours a day.

 by Anonymous

If you're searching for an experienced, nice Asian female escort, Mila will be the perfect choice for you. Mila is extremely sexy and hot. The shape of her tummy and body will keep you interested in having a night out with her. You can have her as your desire.

 by Anonymous

Suppose you're searching for an experienced and nice Asian female to escort. Mila is the best option for you. Mila is extremely sexually attractive and hot. The shape of her stomach and body will keep you intrigued about going out for a night with her. You can make her what you want.

 by Anonymous

It's like we've been friends for a considerable period of time, which means she's aware what I enjoy about. We're both relaxed and have lots of laughter as an outcome of our shared experience of Asian dancing.

 by Anonymous

The memories I'll always keep of Mila, particularly her gorgeous appearance, stunning eyes, stunning figure, and mature, sexually attractive personality throughout my moments with her. Mila is a professional and a manner that's easy for me to comprehend.

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Overall Rating: 4.6

    Mila is a gorgeous Japanese girl. If you have an evening with her, you’ll be sure to have fun with the sexual experience. Mila’s one-year-old is always waiting to bring you complete satisfaction.

    By: EscortclientID | 11 months ago

    sexy model

    By: websiteoneeditor | 7 months ago

    greatly appreciated!

    By: websiteoneeditor | 4 months ago

    We absolutely love your body Again, awesomegirl

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    she is greater than other escorts

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    smart escort girl

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    fun and friendly asian escort girl

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    i called the agency and they sent me the asian babes she really served me well …

    By: Ben | 3 months ago

    her curves were really satisfying

    By: Max | 3 months ago

    stunning lady, good memory

    By: Latin Jason | 1 month ago

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