Name: Queen
Age: 23
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 98 Lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Statistics: 34C-24-35
Languages: English
Outcall: Yes
Location: New York city

Queen may not be actual royalty, but when you’re spending an evening with her she’ll do everything in her power to make you feel like a king.

With her regal feeling, stunning beauty and refined, elegant manner, it can be intimidating to be in her presence, but being intimidated would be a mistake. Spend any amount of time with Queen and you will find her a truly kind, sweet and pleasant companion.


Whatever she does, wherever she goes, Queen carries with her a strong sense of sophistication and beauty that she will be happy to share with you. Treat her well and spend a good evening with her and you will find that not only is she elegant and refined, but hiding a truly sexy goddess beneath her polite exterior that is all too excited to serve and bring your Japanese escort fantasies to life.


With the face of an angel and the body of a devil, Queen is the kind of gorgeous Asian doll who loves to surprise you. On the surface and in public, she is an ideal companion, highly refined and educated and certain to turn heads when you walk around with her on your arm. Get her alone and in private, however, and her dark, passionate side takes over, revealing a woman who knows how to bring your passions to life with unbelievable pleasure.


Queen is waiting for you, why not call her today?


Explore these together, and you will be blown away no matter what the two of you do together.

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 7 reviews
 by Anonymous

Queen's regal aura, beautiful beauty, and elegant style can make it intimidating to be around her, but that would be a mistake. Queen is a wonderful companion. She is kind, sweet, and easy to get along with. Queen is a great companion, no matter where she goes. Queen is a woman of strong intelligence and beauty who will gladly share her knowledge with you. Spend a pleasant evening with Queen.

 by Anonymous

Treat her well. She is elegant and sophisticated, but she is also a very sexy goddess hidden beneath her polite exterior. She is eager to help and bring your Japanese escort dreams to life. Queen has the appearance of an angel, and the body is that of a devil. She is a beautiful Asian doll who will delight you.

 by Anonymous

Queen is a perfect companion. She is highly educated and refined and will turn heads whenever you carry her around on your arm. Gel her alone or with her dark side. You will find a woman who can bring your passions to life with incredible pleasure.

 by Anonymous

I had a great experience with Queen, my girl from NYC Escorts. She was very classy, attentive and beautiful, and I was definitely envied by friends. Having her by my side made my night out fun and one to remember.

 by Anonymous

This is a top notch service for sure.

 by Anonymous

This passionate escort has the face of an angel and the body of a devil and looks to bringing together her highly refined and educated sensibilities together with her dark passionate sides.

 by Anonymous

She brings a sense of sophistication and beauty to whatever she does, which makes it all the better when you peel back the layers and find the truly sexy goddess she hides beneath.