Age: Mid-20s

Height: 1.60m

Clothing size: S

Eye color: Brown

Occupation: Model

Languages: English

About Tiffany

Prepare to be captivated by Tiffany’s irresistible allure, accentuated by her luscious dark hair and penetrating black eyes.

Each moment spent with her feels like a mesmerizing dream, a sensation you’ll be reluctant to let go of. She effortlessly embodies the perfect fusion of her striking features and velvety complexion.

Tiffany is a true epitome of beauty, boasting D-cup breasts, long legs, and a sensually enticing physique. Engaging in conversation with her is a sheer delight, as her intelligence and quick wit shine through effortlessly.

She possesses the remarkable ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere for her clients, ensuring a truly enchanting experience from beginning to end.

In her company, you’ll feel completely at ease. Feel free to share your wildest fantasies, as Tiffany eagerly explores the possibility of bringing them to life.

With an insatiable appetite for pleasure, she revels in discovering what delights and thrills you the most. Succumbing to the allure of her soft, tantalizing body is an addictive experience you won’t be able to resist.

Prepare to be mesmerized by her exquisite visage, feminine figure, and silky-smooth thighs. Her D-cup breasts will capture your attention the moment you lay eyes on her.

Tiffany finds joy in boxing, evident in the dedication she displays in maintaining her physique. When she’s not engaged in her professional endeavors, she indulges in retail therapy and enjoys frequenting the gym.

Balancing work and social life with finesse, she’s the perfect companion for a night filled with thrilling adventures.

We understand your eagerness to embark on a passionate escapade with Tiffany, our esteemed escort. Don’t hesitate any longer! Secure a date with Tiffany to experience an unforgettable time that surpasses all expectations.

Our expertise lies in crafting the most enchanting encounters. Make your booking with us today, and we guarantee to deliver an experience beyond compare.

Take action now and book your unforgettable encounter with Tiffany.

Satisfaction awaits.


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 9 reviews
 by Anonymous

I went to see her today and her good review is well deserved. The experience was not rushed and in a very clean apartment, I would highly recommend Kya if you like beautiful natural girls, she is an absolute delight to be with and very caring.

 by Anonymous

An utterly wonderful woman in every respect. Tiffany's pics do not do her justice. I shall not be looking for greener grass elsewhere!! She is utterly exceptional.

 by Anonymous

Fantastic! Great body, top service, and a smashing personality once you get to know her. I only knocked a point off because Nadine was very late arriving and then asked for a taxi payment. A bit much when already paying top price.

 by Anonymous

Highly recommended for a cheap escort who’s guaranteed to make you smile. Nice and easy-going.

 by Anonymous

She attracts attention in every way from her Silk hair to her cute eyes, from her white skin to her sweet smell, from her elegance to her care. As soon as you walk through the door, I can tell you that you will find a friend who is natural, sincere, energetic, carefree, intelligent, kind, funny, also, mature for his age, you can chat about anything, cultured, Educated, to use correct phrases.

 by Anonymous

She has that angelic look about her, but behind that lurks a incredibly naughty and kinky girl. It was an amazing time with her. Just left me wanting more to be honest.

 by Anonymous

Absolutely wonderful lady! A must see girl and I cannot wait to see her again. Amazing talent! A gorgeous body, personality and everything else to go with it.

 by Anonymous

A few weeks back I met her and she was the same as her pics spicy hot and beautiful With a heavy yet firm figure.

 by Anonymous

Loved her! Recommended!!

10 reviews for “Tiffany”

Overall Rating: 4.5

    When I was uncertain of what I wanted to do with my time. But when I came across this new york asian escort agency and contacted them for an appointment and then asked for an estimate, there were no other prioritizations

    By: Jason | 2 years ago

  • She was everything I could have ever imagined!

    Be assured by me when I tell you that these photos online don’t show her beauty in the same way since she’s more beautiful when you meet her in person, and even in the evening! Five stars. We are so happy to work with this agency once more.

    By: Tommy | 2 years ago


    By: NYC Asian Escort Agency Site Editor | 2 years ago


    By: NYC Asian Escort Agency Site Editor | 2 years ago

    There’s a lot of folks that I think would really appreciate my recommendation
    Please let me know. Thank you

    By: Rhonda | 1 year ago

    i can’t forget the night

    By: Lee | 1 year ago

    an Interesting oriental lady

    By: Carl | 1 year ago

    Aw, this was an exceptionally good luxury girl and her service package

    By: Martin | 1 year ago

    Thanks for service I was searching for this escort for my session.

    By: Ray | 1 year ago

    The best escort are ones that offer the best customer service and high quality time

    By: Kristal | 1 year ago

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