sexy new york asian escort
New York City


Size: 36D – 27- 36

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 105 Lbs

Age: 21

Working Language: US English

Available: Outcall, 24/7​

Her curves are amazing and her personality sweet, Annie is the NYC Asian escort of your dreams, now all you have to do is wake up and make her a reality. With a beauty that can only be called stunning and a kind, gentle nature that always leaves men wanting more, she is a gorgeous girl that you will not be able to resist wanting to touch, stroke and kiss all over. Get to know her and who knows what fantasies she can make into a reality?


Though she may be tiny, her curves are impressive, with large, soft breasts and a nice round butt that won’t quit. One look at her will set your carnal desires aflame, but why just look when you can do so much more? Though Annie may look like an innocent and demure Asian flower, spend a little time with her and you’ll see that she has a wild side just waiting to be unleashed that’s been known to drive men crazy. This highly experienced, elite escort has a great love for satisfying her clients, bringing exquisite pleasure as she helps you explore all of your Asian escort fantasies.


You may think you know what pleasure means, and that your fantasies are all that sensuality is capable of, but one evening with Annie will help you realize that you’ve got oh so much to learn, and one beautiful Asian flower who will be more than happy to teach you.


Once your evening with Annie starts, you’ll enjoy yourself so much you’ll never want it to end!

Graceful and gorgeous Annie is a Korean beauty you will fall for on first sight!

With her wonderful figure her body is just something you want to touch, stroke and kiss all over.

For such a petite girl, her curves are very impressive, with big breasts and a round butt, a body you’ll just want to touch, stroke and kiss all over, but why stop there when Annie is such a remarkably talented girl? Though she may look innocent, spend some time with her and you’ll see that she has a wild side that she’d love for you to unleash. This highly experienced escort has a great love for client satisfaction, bringing pleasure as she helps you explore your Asian escort fantasies.

Once your evening with Annie starts, you’ll enjoy yourself so much you’ll never want it to end!Type your paragraph here.

Client Feedback

  • I needed a beautiful and intelligent Korean escort for a function recently and could not have been more pleased when I met Annie. She was gorgeous and wonderful company, very smart, very courteous, who didn’t embarrass me in front of my associates and made the perfect Asian arm candy. I highly recommend her if you’re looking for a NYC Korean escort!

  • Petite and curvy Korean escort Annie really impressed me the last time I was in Manhattan! This tight little number is exotic sexiness personified, marvelous company and sensually skilled in ways I’d never explored before, making for a truly memorable experience. Next time I’m in New York City, I’m going to make sure to call up Annie again!​​

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 4 reviews
by Richard J. Dunn on Super Asian Models

It is like Annie knew what I like and what turned me on on bed. It was like she knew things I didn't even know about myself. I had not gone around twice since my college. I did not even think I coud anymore. I was totally wrong it just takes the right escort like Annie to discover me

by Robert M. Fitzgerald on Super Asian Models

Annie is really the Asian escort Goddess. describe her looks the best is classy sexy, and she has a sensual way about the way she moves, twists, and talks. she makes me feel at easy and she she is easy to talk to. She brought the freak out in me like never before, and I'm frickin happy spending my time with you

by Roy E. Phillips on Super Asian Models

Annie is perfect Asian escort to those who have the same boring experience each time and want to try something new or those who are shy, this bedroom demon will get you feeling comfortable from the minute you meet her.

by John B. Schimmel on Super Asian Models

I sincerely recommend this Asian escort called Annie for anyone who wants to expand their knowledge or experience in the bedroom. This Bedroom goddess is the best