How Much You Can Tip Your Escort Girls

Basically, how much you pay an Asian escort is entirely your personal choice

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One of the most frequently asked questions by newcomers is how much to tip the escort,How much service charge and tip can you give to an Asian Korean escort lady?

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For different situations, the actual amount you give is also different, so be flexible and there is no completely correct answer.


The amount you can tip an escort may vary, depending on several things: such as the service location, the escort’s base service fee, the quality of the girl, your satisfaction, etc. Different services also correspond to different prices.

You can also decide the amount of consumption according to the requirements of the escort lady. But tipping is not always a good habit, especially if you are experiencing escort service for the first time.


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You may wish to tip for additional services depending on satisfaction

If you only tip for extra service, it’s not really a tip. This is because you are paying for the service you are consuming, not as an added bonus. The Asian escort agency you hire will calculate the service fee based on the service hours. After the service time expires, if you want to continue the service, you need to pay for the next hour. This is a service charge, not a tip.

Although spending on service korean escort girls is not the most important issue, consumption will affect the service quality of the girls. You can pay the basic fee according to the price on the website, and after the service is over, give a certain amount of consumption according to your mood as an additional reward.


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There is one more rule you should abide by, that is, you can’t give the money directly to the escort service lady, and you can’t leave the money where other people can see it. Because some hotels or hostels have surveillance cameras, it can get you into legal trouble.

But you can leave the tip somewhere in the room and let your escort know where it is. Ask them to pick up the tip in the envelope at the end of service zone.


Remember, the practice of tipping really depends on your relationship and expectations with the other person. Some people may ask you to tip a hefty tip, while others may not care about tipping at all.


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