How Much You Can Tip Your Escort Girls

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One of the most often asked questions by the beginners is the tip amount you can give to your escort girls.

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So, how much can you tip your Korean gfe NYC girls? There is no actually exact same answer for this for all cases. The amount of the tip you can give to your lady escort can be different depending on certain variables such as the location of the services, escort agency rate, the girls rate, the level of users satisfaction, and so on. There is no one exact answer for every case.


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You can also decide based on what the satisfying result can be. But tipping is not always a good practice, especially if it is your first experience.

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You may want to differ between the tip for the level of satisfaction and extra service. If you solely give tips for extra services, you cannot consider it as the genuine tip. It is because you are paying something that you are using, not as a bonus. If that’s the case, the agency of your Korean gfe NYC will do the calculations based on how many extra services that you are using until the end of your escort session. And after the session is done, you will spend more money for the tip of the service that makes you satisfied.

While it does not matter about how much the tip you will give to your escort girls, the next thing to consider is the practices of tipping. Tipping is a bit complex if it is your first time.

But you can make it simpler by giving the agreed-upon money to your appointment. Consider fulfilling the base fee first then you can freely tip her at the end of your session.

There is a huge rule that you need to pay attention to. You cannot give the tip directly to your escort girl. Don’t give it where other people can see. You won’t know if there is any camera or hidden cam in the room section which can entrap you with the legal problem. Place the tip somewhere else in the room and let your escort girl know the location. Therefore, ask them to reach the tip in the envelope when the session is over.

Keep in mind that the tipping practice will really depend on your gestures and the other party’s as well. Some may demand you a very high tip, but some may not care about the tip at all. Basically, tipping an Korean gfe Escorts NYC will be your own term.

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