How to Pick Up Korean Girls in NYC in the Street Like A Pro!

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Are you always challenged when you want to approach Korean girls in New York? No matter what your reason, the opportunities might be there, but you rarely use them due to having cold feet.


But you’ve landed on the right page since we are going to share with you the quick tips for picking up a Korean girls nyc in the NYC streets like a pro.

Our writer and his entourage have learned the best techniques for effectively approaching girls in the street without looking creepy. So, without further ado, let’s just go straight to the meat of the discussion.

What’s the end game? Well, you don’t have to get laid tonight. But at least, you can reserve the Korean girls nyc phone number.


Mindset first

Let’s first change your mindset. Approaching a girl is not as hard as you think. The key to building your confidence is to learn about human relations. If you are fond of a specific girl, then you must approach her at all cost. If the girl stars at you, that means you already have the chance.



The golden time

You don’t have a day or so. You only have a few split seconds to decide whether you want to approach her or not. So, it might be the biggest challenge that you need to overcome. You have to beat yourself so that you can proceed. So, take quick action and proceed to the next point.



The opener

As you’ve seen the pretty girl in the street, you will want to get to know her. Take action immediately.

It is up to you how to break the ice. But make sure you are doing this with courtesy. I think being polite is a standard in every culture. And don’t forget to smile.

Korean girls in New York City will think that you are a brave person. With your natural smile, it can open many doors of possibility.

If the girl reacts negatively, that’s really okay. It is perhaps your time to get rejected. You could approach other Korean girls nyc who are willing to accept you.



Asking for direction

It is an old trick, but it works.
The idea of this trick is that you are asking something of the New York Asian Escorts girl you like. It can be the direction to the post office, how to use an ATM, or else.

But then, you will detour the conversation to “No, in fact, I was not looking for a direction, I just thought you were cute and I wanted to start a conversation with you”.



What’s next?

Of course, ask for her phone number! If you have managed the session and the girl wants to talk with you afterwards, you’ve nailed it! Good luck in finding your Korean girl in the street!

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