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Elite Asian Escorts New York City
I know it, guys. It seems to be simple to ask someone’s number. But what if it is the girl that you really want to meet again in the future? Getting her number can be terrifying, even for guys who have dated several times before.

Not to mention that it is the escort girl that you want to ask for her personal phone number. The double challenges will be there. If they are working with the agency, you’re not allowed to do that.

Even though if your nyc outcall are working as escorts individually, they might reject you for professionalism reasons.

But you know that the escort stuff is still in the greyish area. So, you have all the freedom you want to court your escort girl and get her personal phone number. These are the quickest ways to do it.

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Get closer to her first

During a conversation, move closer to her to see how she reacts.

Proximity is vital for chemistry and attraction because it allows a woman to better perceive you. Approach her not as a client, but as a friend first.

Women “read” you more by touch than by sight.

The first step in asking a NYC Asian Escort woman for her number is to establish chemistry. So, touch her hair, nose, lips, or else. Pay attention to the timing. If not, you will fail.

Then proceed to the next step.

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