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Sensual massage is a massage with a different technique from general massage. Sensual massage is far more intimate and usually leads to an erotic impression.

Sensual massage especially is done by a couple as part of a warm-up or after a sexual act. Why is it called sensual massage? Because during the massage, the masseur not only uses hands but other body parts.


The masseur can use the mouth, lips, and other parts of his body. It aims to awaken the senses of the best happy ending massage and give pleasure during the process.

Specifically, the goal of sensual massage is to achieve sexual arousal by doing massage to the erogenous zones of women and men.



Sensual massage is different from physical touch. This massage uses more intimate ways so that the body can fully relax and enjoy it.


This type of Sensation Asian massage can only work maximally if the recipient can be dissolved by the massage and loosen their body’s defenses. Usually, during the massage, environmental conditions or the right place is a crucial factor.


The recipient can fully relax their body and enjoy the massage if doing it in a private room. Although you do sensual massage with a partner, you must consider the place. If you use a Sensual Massage service, you can come directly to the massage parlor or call a masseuse to your home or in someplace where you feel comfortable.


Clients are usually naked during the massage process, so you must choose a place that can protect your privacy. If you do sensual massage in your home, of course, you do not need to worry, but if no, make sure the room you use is safe and unseen.


You can choose a chamber that is far from others or soundproof. Dim the lighting in the room, can use candles instead of lights and use aromatic oils to make the massage effect more pronounced. The aroma of aromatic oils can help sensory stimulation and sexual connections.


If you want to feel the effects of sensual massage to the maximum, you should use a Sensual massage service. Massage services members usually professionals who are experts in doing their jobs. Although you have to pay, the pleasure you get will surely be worth it.


Choose a sensual massage escort service that is popular or widely used by your friends or acquaintances. Because sensual massage is closely related to your private parts, choose carefully before deciding.

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