Maybe You’ve Heard of Tantra Massage

And maybe you also know that the duration of tantra massage can reach three to six hours per session.
What exactly does tantra massage do? Why does it take so long for each session?

Tantric massage is a type of massage that incorporates principles and practices from Tantra, an ancient spiritual tradition originating in India. Tantra focuses on the connection between mind, body, and spirit, and seeks to awaken and harmonize the life force energy, known as Kundalini, that resides within each individual.



In a tantric massage, the goal is to create a deeply relaxing and intimate experience that fosters a sense of unity and connection between the giver and receiver. The massage incorporates various techniques, including gentle strokes, deep tissue work, and stimulation of specific energy points in the body, to promote relaxation, increase energy flow, and enhance overall well-being. The massage often involves the use of breathing exercises, meditation, and eye-gazing to deepen the connection and heighten the sensory experience.


Tantric massage is often associated with sensuality and sexual energy, as it aims to help individuals embrace and channel their sexual energy in a healthy and balanced way. However, the primary focus of a tantric massage is not sexual gratification, but rather the cultivation of self-awareness, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection with oneself and others.


It’s essential to note that tantric massage is a therapeutic and spiritual practice, and it should be approached with respect and openness. It is crucial to choose a trained and professional therapist when seeking a tantric massage to ensure a safe and beneficial experience.


To do a tantra massage, it requires practitioners or therapists who are specially trained and experienced. Tantric massage can help a number of sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation, to anorgasmia, inability to relate to other people and find a suitable partner. You are taught to have sex in a tantric manner and reach a new level of pleasure as if in ecstasy with tantra massage media.
A professional tantra practitioner’s massage must be based on the aim of healing and awakening the spiritual soul. Long ago, thousands of years ago, female priests would teach the secrets of sex to men in India. They teach how to move and arouse sexual energy throughout their bodies, with the aim that besides being healthy, it also has an effect that makes these men become great lovers for their partners.
If we make good use of this sexual energy, we can use it to regenerate body cells, regenerate cells, and cure certain diseases. Sexual energy according to tantra contains extraordinary energy with the potential to create life.
Besides being studied by ancient tantric religions in India, this energy is also studied in several schools of taoism in China.

The Technique used in Tantra Asian Sensual Massage

  • It will open energy channels in the body and then move energy throughout the body.
  • Actually the energy has flowed naturally in our body so far, but because of stress and trauma causes tension in the muscles, this tension will inhibit the movement of energy throughout the body and cause pain.
  • The first step in massage is to release muscle tension and eliminate blood circulation blockages.
  • The whole body will be massaged deeply to relax tense muscles interspersed with gentle touches, caresses, and energy work to make energy flow naturally.
  • One method in tantric Asian Sensual Massage is prostate massage.
  • Prostate massage by a professional tantra therapist can gently remove the prostate gland blockage.
  • This blockage is usually caused by physical strain because sufferers often hold back urine, comes from physical toxins that enter the body and accumulate in the prostate.
Internal anal massage techniques need to be used to stimulate the prostate by gently rubbing.
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