One reason why you are better off hiring an escort girl than an ordinary SEX massage prostitute is their cleanliness and health.


The Reliable NYC Asian Escorts agencies guarantee their escort girls they have always receive regular health checks and care. There are several health procedures that are performed to keep their escort girls safe, especially in terms of infectious diseases and venereal diseases.


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Surely you do not want to contract an infectious disease or venereal disease while having fun right? These agencies pocket health certificates from the clinic where they treat escort girls. This is one of the reasons why Top Asian Escort agencies charge a pretty high price for their Asian escort New York girls.


If you are looking for an asian SEX massage sensation nyc girl without an agency, you can just get a much cheaper price than an escort girl agency. But these independent SEX massage escort girls may not take care and check their health routinely like the escort girl agencies do.


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All professional escort girls will shave some of their body hair to prevent lice or dirt from sticking to their hair.

Shaving these hairs is not only cosmetic reasons, but also avoids venereal disease that can be caused by lice. And of course if you ask for sex services without using a condom to escort girls, you will be rejected outright. They strongly avoid any risk that could cause them to contract venereal disease or other infectious diseases.


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On the other hand, this action also gives you the assurance that they have never had unprotected sex with other customers. You can breathe a sigh of relief to continue to enjoy pleasure without worry.


If you ask escort girls for oral SEX massage services

They will still use condoms to your genitals. Put condoms in their mouths and make sure they come completely into your genitals. Even if you don’t ask, but when they are going to have sex with an escort girl, they will make sure this condom is installed properly with an oral sex bonus.


So it can be concluded for whatever reason you ask an escort girl to have SEX massage without using a condom, you will definitely be rejected outright. If you seduce this escort girl until she falls in love with you and pass your request to have unprotected sex, you could be betting on your own safety.


Do you get an unexpected bonus from an Asian escort girl who is in love with you, or has he ever never used protection in having sex with his customers. It could be that this escort girl is acting like doing safe sex to make you believe that she is a professional asian sensation nyc girl.