The Ultimate Tips on Asian Massage Provided by Super Asian Models

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Many men love to have a bodyrub with asian girl not only because they’re really good at it but also they provide more advantages desired by most men.

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Whether it’s in the spa or massage parlor, you’ll be offered by more skilled NYC Asian escort therapists. At this point, take our tips on Asian massage below for the best experience and the best value of your money.

Wearing Loosen Outfits

Loosen outfits don’t mean extra-large or oversized clothes but something that can be easily taken off and off easily. You want this bodyrub with asian girl goes smoothly, right? You can simply get your t-shirt and simple pants or boxer to the spa or parlor.

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These provide easy access for an Asian girl to rub your body and so on while you need to inform your openness to extra touch services. Avoid wearing fancy outfits or you’ll be overcharged for the extra services.

New Customer Appearance

Another ultimate tip is to play a new player on this Asian massage services. Conceal your experience and reveal your innocence. Don’t be suggestive or resourceful but take advantages of the lowest priced offers from the parlor owner. If you’re offered with girl options, then choose one but say no more about critics or suggestions. The girls prefer to provide more services willingly to newcomers and you’d also be happy about that.


When it comes to extra service like the erotic massage, handjob or blowjob they’ll ask for a price. While you’re no longer in the receptionist desk, it’s the area you can more flexibly negotiate the price and what’s included for sure. Get the best price by explaining the fact that you’re the first-timer, you should earn entry bonuses. Give expressions of a real rookie when she starts rubbing you down, a combination of pleasure, discomfort, and confusions. She’ll then trying so hard to comfort you without any extra charge.

Never Look Rich

It works similarly to what you do on your outfits, you should never look rich but not too poor either. The girls will look into your wallet as you’re lying down on the massage bed. If they find hundreds or thousands of dollars, you’ll lose the negotiation and they’ll keep exploiting your balance. Instead, take tight money in your wallet and make it no more than $100. Then, you’ll win the negotiation of what you can get for that amount of money, the girls will say “well, okay”.

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