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The GFE standard for the Girl Friend Experience.

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A GFE is a booking where the NYC Asian escort brings more closeness, mainly through body touching and language, into the booking.

In regards to what it entails, while there are some general factors, each escort may have slightly different limits and boundaries on what her particular GFE contains.


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In a standard booking it is general to have sex, to do oral on him and a massage if wanted. Some Korean escorts will have GFE already added as their standard service. Their standard price will generally be higher than an escort who does GFE as an include on service rather than part of it.

This is a list of things that may be a GFE service part, but it should not be taken as supreme. What an escort does or does not add also comes down to what she feels calm providing.

Caressing, snuggling

Soft touches, sensual contact and gripping them in a carrying way. Sometimes the escort is bringing more of herself into the booking to provide the calm desired, anyway, there are still boundaries the customer needs to respect otherwise it gets uncomfortable for every person.


Eye contact

Some customers will try for this in a standard booking. It can be considered out of line for the reason that eye contact during sex make it feel like a more close experience between 2 people.


Generally they mean French kissing and one of the big requests

Mutual oral

Mutual oral sex is very important. If he wants to do the same back, it brings it additional intimacy with our bodies.

More focus on her

He may want to use his fingers to thrill her further. If a guy is to put fingers within a girl I would forever advise a condom.

Their nails can cut our within lining with realizing. It would advise that practice for every person.

Sexual style

The pace may be deliberate, and more sensual rather than wild.

Everything may be a quite more slowed down and much more sexual as well as sensual. It will change slightly depending on the customer too, which is why you need to use your people expertise to pick up on what the customer is enjoying etc.

The GFE is quite self helpful in some ways, but it is vital to remember that each client is different and it is up to you to perhaps replace slight things accordingly to match each individual client. Not every customer will want to right same things from each booking, but the common idea of the GFE will still be done overall.

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