Tantric Massage -The traditional ‘Deep Tissue” Massage

methods that can help the receiver relax and completely enjoy the experience


The Tantric massage is by definition an erotic, sensual massage, which has a powerful philosophic aspect as well.

The faith is that a person can get fulfillment and growth quicker when he or she is sexually relaxed, and although the Tantric massage does not involve penetration, it can cause to orgasm.

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it’s main aim is to learn how to arouse the sexual power


It should be noted that orgasm is not the goal of the patience and its main aim is to learn how to arouse the sexual power. Kundalini, and channel it through the full body.

Another misconception is that the Tantric massage has hard rules, strokes, procedures and moves that should be forever used – this is simply not real and you could find yourself receiving Tantric massage, which is pretty different from a Tantric massage that you have received in the past.

On a more realistic level, the Tantric massage is a complete body erotic massage that contains massaging the female and male organs as well, which are famous as Lingam (the male sexual organ) and Yoni (the women sexual organ).

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Anyway, as already described the sexual gratification is the not the huge goal of the sessions and is considered an included advantage. Another distinguished spec of this type of massage is the delight that the get as well – since this is extremely intimate form of touching, it is typically, although not forever, performed one partner to another, but different studies employ experts that are very professional and capable to give amazing Tantric massage as well.

It is vital that the giver touches the receiver in a way that is enjoyable to them as well as this would help them rightly channel the sexual power and deliver amazing satisfaction. The touch is also typically much lighter and gentler than touch, used in the traditional ‘deep tissue” massage and the sensation is that leisure and link with the giver.

In order to get full advantages of the Tantra massage, the receiver also has to join in a way that  they have to learn how to fully trust the giver and loosen up fully.

This might sound like an easy task, but many people have issues “letting go” fully as they feel vulnerable during the sessions; this sate could be defeat by leaning some of the breathing methods that can help the receiver relax and completely enjoy the experience.

If the 2 people are not partners, they could agree beforehand which is comfortable and satisfactory for both of them. Want massager in NYC? Contact us today!

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