Name: Cara
Age: 24
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 96 Lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Statistics: 34C-25-36
Nationality: Korean
Languages: English
Outcall: Yes
Location: New York city

An exotic Korean knockout with a beauty like no other, Cara is the kind of Asian escort goddess you dream of finding when visiting New York City. Her beauty must be seen to be believed, but why only see her when you can book an encounter and do so much more? A fitness fanatic with one of the tightest, sweetest bodies you’re going to find, she has an amazing butt built up by many squats. She loves showing it off and loves having it touched by true gentlemen.


Do you love a girl with a nice, tight butt? Then Cara is the escort you’re going to want to call to have a good time. Her butt is hypnotic, the kind you could just stare at for hours on end, but if you’re into more than that you’ll be pleased to find out that Cara’s the complete package. Her toned, lean frame is at once firm and tight, as well as soft and cuddly.


This affectionate girl loves cuddling men. Whether you’re just lounging around with her in bed or up to more energetic activities, she will love being close to you. Just be warned, once you hug her, you’ll never want to let her go!


More than cuddling, however, Cara has an unbelievable understanding of the erotic arts. Put yourself in her caring, talented hands and you’ll understand the kind of pleasure you thought only poets talked about. She loves helping clients explore their sensuality and find levels of pleasure they never knew existed. Why hesitate when a simple phone call can have this exotic Asian doll in your arms today?


Youthful Korean beauty Cara is a goddess who must be seen to truly believed, though why just see when you can book time with her to do so much more? This fitness fanatic is in great shape; she loves doing squats because they work out and build up her amazing butt.


If you’re a butt man, she’s the Asian escort you want to call for a good time. If you’re into more than the butt, then she is the complete package, with a toned, lean frame that is at once firm and soft and cuddly.


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 by Anonymous

You may not have heard of Asian escort goddess Cara, but she's here to show you that Asian escorts are the best! You will love her sexy boobs and Korean beauty. Ready for some Asian delight?

 by Anonymous

Cara is a sexy Asian escort goddess with Korean beauty. She has amazing boobs, and she's always ready to meet you for an unforgettable time. Cara is all about Asian girls, so if you're looking for someone who can fulfill your Asian fantasies, then this Asian escort girl might be perfect for you.

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Her Asian beauty is captivating, and her sexy boobs are out of this world. Her Korean goddess will make any man feel like a king with the most beautiful woman in his arms. Prepare to be spellbound by Cara, the Asian escort goddess.

 by Anonymous

She is very affectionate and loves cuddling with her man. Just be warned, once you hug her, you’ll never want to let go! If you do let her go though, even for a moment, you’ll understand the levels of pleasure she can bring into your life. She loves helping clients explore their sensuality and find levels of pleasure they never knew before. Why don’t you book her today to find what she can do for you?