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As a trusted escort service agency in New York, we receive a large number of customer inquiries and reservation calls every day. In order to save your valuable time, please browse our frequently answered questions in advance to better understand our services

Thank you for your interest, please feel free to call us for consultation, our professional customer service representatives will patiently answer all questions for you and relieve your doubts

These are bookings that last for 2 – hours. 1 hours for some private time while the other 1 hours will be for dinner. This is what it refers to each time you see it on the profile of an escort. It is possible to request for a period that is longer or shorter.You will be informed about the fee for such adjustment of time. It is possible for the time for dinner date to come before or after the private time. It doesn’t really matter which one comes first.

With regards to escort services that we render, we try as much as we can to ensure that every frequently asked question is answered in the best way possible.In case you couldn’t find any question that addresses your issue or concern, feel free to contact us today. Such question will be answered in a timely manner.

The ladies at our disposal will be able to meet all of your expectations about top Escort Models. They will make you have an unforgettable experience. We have models who are fully equipped when it comes to creating that perfect ambience which will give your body and mind the ultimate stimulation. They will definitely be able to meet your needs. Our services do include intimate massage most especially if Championship Only hasn’t been booked. The various services being offered by our models are described in their personal profiles.

You will find the rates which you are expected to pay for booking high class models on our site. The time duration for which escorts can be booked is 2 hours. It is possible to go shorter or longer than this though. Sometimes we do charge rates that are different. These are stated on the site but you can get them on special request.  In other to protect their privacies, we have ensured that their details aren’t open to members of the public. Special experiences have also been compiled by us and you can choose from these. You can contact us for other forms of arrangement. We will be very glad to attend to your personalized proposal.

We do prefer that you make payment directly to the agency. Standard methods of payment are accepted by us.  For more details regarding rates and payments, check out our terms and conditions and Give us a call.

you can choose to contact us in case you want some pieces of professional advice based on your needs or preferences. It is recommended that you contact us through phone for those last minute bookings. Once a request has been booked, the lady is going to be contacted to get it confirmed. You will be contacted by us again once confirmation has been made. Through this, further details about the booking will be discussed.

In order to ensure that the model you must have chosen is available on your preferred time and date, it is advised that you try to make your bookings ahead of time. Through this, we will have plenty of time to inform your chosen model about such booking. You will be informed once your preferred model isn’t available. In most cases, we can also suggest other models that are a perfect match for your needs.

outcall escort sevice – The service we provide is based on your request, arrange escort escort door-to-door service, the specific location is up to you, our escort escorts provide escort services

Booking our service is very simple and easy, you only need to visit our website, browse the model album, and select the model you like from it, and call us to book. You can also tell us your favorite type on the phone, and our manager will arrange an escort girl for you.

The more you book in advance, the better we can serve you – We suggest that you can book by phone 1 to 2 hours in advance, leaving enough preparation time and time on the road for the escorts. If your location is Manhattan, our escorts can arrive in 30 minutes at the earliest

Usually between 4 pm and 6 am, the appointment call is answered,Weekend time all day

Basically the information is accurate, but the photos are modified to some extent, but they are basically in line with her own characteristics

Yes, we provide high-end escort model girls for guests in the New York area. Please tell us your request by phone, and we will arrange it specifically for you

Yes, we provide multi-person escort services, please call and tell us your requirements, we will arrange for you

If you have any questions, please feel free to call us, this is the most convenient and efficient way

We provide high-quality escort services to ensure that the customer satisfaction rate for many years is far ahead in the industry

Welcome your call

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  • Jay 1 year ago

    Will the escort look like her photo (i.e. body type, face)? If she doesn’t, do I have the right to refuse/cancel the service without penalty?

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