Size: 34C – 24- 36

Height: 5’3″

Weight: 103 Lbs

Age: 22

Working Language: US English

Available: Outcall, 24/7​

If you’re looking for a sexual fantasy brought to life, look no further than the stunning Asian escort Julia. Unbelievably cute and entirely fun-loving, she is a perfect companion when you want an enjoyable evening of any flavor. Looking for a wild night out on the town? How about a companion to take to an elegant work function? Simply looking for an intimate evening in? No matter what you’re looking for, Julia can adapt to be the perfect companion for you.

Her youthful energy and eagerness may make her hard to catch up with sometimes, but if you can you are in for a treat. She will liven up any evening with excitement both profound and naughty, making you fall for her boundless sexiness.

Julia is top to bottom an Asian escort in perfection. With silky black hair, piercing eyes, and skin so soft you’ll want to touch her and never stop touching her, she is an Asian flower of the highest order. This young lady loves giving men a good time and making fantasies into reality. Why don’t you book some time with her today and find out just what she can do for you?

Whether you’re looking for an evening of excitement or an evening of sensual fun, book some time with Julia today and see why she is one of the most highly rated escorts in the city! Beautiful Asian escort Julia is the complete package for an exciting evening.

Cute as can be and fun-loving, she is the perfect companion when you want an enjoyable evening. With a youthful energy and eagerness, she will bring an excitement that brings you to life to any evening. More than that, though, you will fall for her unbelievably sexiness.

Great hair, piercing eyes, and skin so soft you will want to touch her and never stop touching, this young lady will help bring your fantasies to life in the very special, exotic way that only a truly talented Asian escort could.

If you’re up for an exciting evening of pleasure and fun, book some time with Julia today and see why she is one of our most highly rated escorts! Never regret

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 12 reviews
 by Anonymous

When I was in New York City on business, I looked for a top Japanese escort and was interested in Julia's services. Her warm personality is in perfect harmony with her stunning appearance. When I invited her to a corporate dinner, she did not make me feel embarrassed like other girls from smaller companies. I highly recommend her services if visiting Manhattan soon.

 by Anonymous

I've had the pleasure of working with numerous Japanese escorts over the years, and I can tell you that you should not always rely on the quality of their service because many companies make up stories and publish misleading photos or lie about the things their girls do. When I visited New York City on business, I searched for the best Japanese Escort and was engaged in Julia's services. Her charming personality matches her beautiful appearance, and when I took her out to an office dinner, she didn't embarrass me like some girls from smaller agencies. I would highly recommend using her services if you happen to visit Manhattan soon.

 by Anonymous

she may be a smiley NYC asian escort agency that ignites each moment through her gorgeous and stunningly beloved lips. She is a positive attitude to life. And it's dead, and it's impossible to keep her from being a gorgeous Escort. We'll meet again shortly.

 by Anonymous

I contacted Stella because I searched for a gorgeous Japanese companion to share the night with. However, I did not realize how lucky she was not to have the more attractive hard. Julia is a total pleasure to be around. She's cute and has a gorgeous face. However, she can be described as a porn star and prove it.

 by Anonymous

This sexy island escort made my last visit to Manhattan memorable, thanks to her stunning curves and smooth skin. The moment I was with her and didn't want to go away from her side. She's just stunning and amazing. Highly recommended if you're searching for an Asian place to stay in the city!

 by Anonymous

Jula's gorgeous face and curvy body make my brain melt. She is aware of her body shape and is the perfect match for those who know how to make women content.

 by Anonymous

When you need Asian escort services, there is no one better than Julia. Top to bottom, she's Asian, and she is known for her Asian hotness. If Asian escorts are what you want, then this girl will be your sensual fantasy comes true. She has a sexy attitude that makes her perfect for the job.

 by Anonymous

Julia is the Asian hottest Asian escort in town. She has an enviable figure and knows just how to use it to drive you mad with desire. Her sexiness will leave your head spinning as she takes care of all your needs and then some if you're ready for an Asian hot encounter that will heat up your night.

 by Anonymous

She has a very sexy and sensual fantasy which will make you feel like it's the first time with her because she is quite experienced in sexiness. Even though Julia might be young, she can take care of your needs and satisfy all sexual fantasies that you have ever thought about.

 by Anonymous

Julia’s body is so tight and sweet that you’ll want to grab on and never let go! I couldn’t believe how lucky I was when I called up for an Asian escort and this sexy little goddess was sent to my door. I have great appetites, but this tiny sweetheart had me eager to catch up with her!

 by Anonymous

I’d heard about the wonders of Asian escorts for a long time, but I was always nervous when I first called up and got connected to Julia. I didn’t have to be, though, not when Julia was such a wonderful and discrete companion. She was so pretty and so kind, she makes me look forward to visiting NYC again.

 by Anonymous

Julia's sexy face and curvy body melts my brain. She knows her to keep her figures and a perfect choice for anyone who knows how to make a woman happy.

1 Review for “Julia”

Overall Rating: 4

    If you’re an active person, If you want to experience the never-ending satisfaction of your busy lifestyle, you can satisfy your sexual desires by having Julia as your partner in bed. Julia is beautiful and a classy Japanese model. You’ll be as awed by her beauty as you were in the advertisements she was in.

    By: EscortclientID | 2 months ago