Anime Females – Is it Wrong to Think of Them As Cute and Hot?

It is excellent than it sounds and is amazingly funny

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Anime females are a famous trend, they represent the perfect female, and looks more amazing than NYC super escort girls in real life.

They are the stunning character and have pleasant figure.

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No doubt, blessed with amazing looks and endearing personality. Who would not want an anime girls sexy hourglass figure, bit breasts, and a refined feminine beautiful personality?


Five different types and why you will enjoy them

Shojo. Shojo is based around romance and entertainment fantasy most of the time, and may have magical aliens, elements, and fantasy settings. It does not truly matter  where or what time its set in, just as long as it fluffy, light and involves best looking men.  But just because its Shojo that does not mean it cannot be amazingly funny.

Shonen. Shonen is generally aimed at boys between twelve to say about nineteen it most likely has a fifteen or sixteen year old boy as a protagonist, and several charming girls with slightly different looks and personalities. Shonen can have magical powers or more likely a magical object, but not forever.


Magical girl generally resolves around a girl

They love interest is generally emotionless, or just mean, it will generally have a tragic past or parents that reject them, and that in turn is somehow supposed to justify him being a jerk.

Mecha. Mecha anime is not forever for boys, as some ladies like giant robots fighting too. The best things about mecha are that it can be your preferred comedy series but within random giant robot battles thrown in the mix.


The wallflower is about a lady who does not truly care about her look and is determined to stay the same while 3 guys try to make her in to the best lady. And then there is Ouran High School Host Club.


This anime is about tomboy known as Haruhi, she is mistaken for a boy by the 6 members of the host that reside in the school, she breaks a jug and has to repay them by becoming a host herself. 

Some of these can be  known as demographics rather than genres, but in my mind it is very important to know those as well as genres, but never the less they are all anime types. As you can view cartoons and drawings should not forever be considered childish, and definitely not for all anime fan.



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