Is Oral Sex Safe When hiring Asian submissives in NYC?

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Having asian submissives can guarantee your best time in NYC. Then seeing the attractive face and figure of your asian girl, you might wonder if you can make oral sex with her.

Oral sex is an activity of sex that involves the mouth with the genital area. Generally, this sex is done by licking or sucking the partner’s genitals. Although it can increase arousal, oral sex, has a risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

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The risk of venereal disease that spreads through oral sex is indeed relatively small when compared with anal sex. But you still shouldn’t underestimate it!



To reduce the risk of spreading sexually transmitted diseases, you should practice safe oral sex with your asian submissives nyc. You can use protective equipment, for example, condoms during oral sex on men and dental dams when performing oral sex on women. Second, routine health checks.


Last but not least important is to maintain the cleanliness of the genitals. If your genitals are clean, of course, the two of you will be more comfortable doing oral sex.

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