If it is the first time for you

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you might want to get the covered full asian escort service for your own safety and convenience. What is the full covered service anyway?

It is a specific term which takes place in the escort industry to explain the specific offer which enforces the clients to wear condom for a safe sexual intercourse. The full service escort workers super model asian escort nyc pic 7

will engage in sexual intercourse when the terms are agreed upon.


So, it is important for the clients to read through the deals before continuing. Unlike in any common practices of the escort, the full service escort girls will be willing to engage in sexual intercourse only if the clients wear the protection before advancing.


FCS is often shown up in the ads pages that you come across. It is the abbreviation of the Full Covered Service. Not all agencies offer this kind of service for you and your group. Some don’t even disclose the specific information to their clients. you will want to ask them some questions before proceeding.

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As the name suggests, you will get full service from your attractive escort lady. The only difference here is that the escort girl will only conduct sexual intercourse with you if you wear the condom. But you can rest assured that it is a full service encounter. So, it will likely lead both of you to a happy ending. As explained by the official escort agency, the escort girls will refuse to have a sex with you if you don’t wear the condom for the sake of the safety.


The full covered service is a common practice in NYC. Many agencies have been adopting this method to protect both their clients and workers. This safe practice will help all the parties involved from contracting or getting sexually transmitted diseases. The condoms will help to prevent numerous STDs which are the last thing you will want to meet when you are in NYC.

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