“Lux Lady” escort are the best option for wealthy, serious men in New York

Friendships that are pleasant to relax and build good-lasting happiness


Escort Services in New York

The services of an escort available in New York from the agency “Lux Lady” are the best option for wealthy, serious men who cherish every moment of relaxation and are accustomed to soaking up all the good out of life! Successful men often require beautiful women to share their space with.


NYC Asian Escort Model (4)


Maybe it’s an informal business gathering in a relaxed setting where everyone is welcome together with their best friends or perhaps a gathering with an office partner’s house and, as is expected, guests are expected to arrive in groups.


The escort agency can assist you with all of these situations. Our models will light up any occasion and provide unforgettable moments of interaction in any circumstance.


VIP escort from the agency

NYC Asian Escort Model (4)

VIP escorts, where our top girls take part, is a well-known service popular with business professionals and is one of the most important guidelines of business custom. After major transactions or business excursions, a stunning and educated lady on official occasions, negotiations, and meetings with clients or partners will highlight your superior quality, taste, and solid reputation.

The agency is ready to provide a variety of services.

  • Escort;
  • Friendships that are pleasant to relax and build long-lasting relationships;
  • Elite leisure time (entertainment events, parties, private meetings);
  • Participation of females in business trips around the nation;
  • Girls that you can select as per your specifications;

Individual model selection

NYC Asian Escort Model (4)

We have a large client base that is regularly re-assigned to be only interested in our agency. We only work with rich men who can respect our women. Because the demands of our customers are growing and we need to expand our models we have to meet their demands. We check the quality of our escort service. Each girl is carefully chosen. They’re not just clever, but they are also educated, and thus they know how to behave in all situations.

Our top employees are involved in the personal selection process, and they consider all your needs. If you’re still not finding the right girl, please fill out the form on our website, and we’ll choose a model!

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