Name: Judy
Age: 22
Height: 5′ 3″
Weight: 96 Lbs
Hair: Black
Eyes: Brown
Statistics: 34D-25-36
Languages: English
Outcall: Yes
Location: Manhattan

If your idea of an ideal Asian doll is a perky, petite and impressively busty girl, then look no further than Judy. When you first get a look at her, she’s hard to believe. It just seems impossible that breasts so large can be on a girl so small, but yes, this petite Asian beauty is every bit the sex goddess she appears and so much more. She loves her large breasts and the attention they get from true gentlemen, and would love for you to become more acquainted.


With her cute face, gorgeous body and smile that will melt your heart, you’d think that Judy would be able to do anything in life based on her looks alone. If you were just to look at her for her appearance, though, you’d be missing out on one amazing girl.


Intelligent and fun, she is a top notch conversationalist who loves every chance to get to know a guy. She brightens up any dark room and commands attention without ever detracting away from you as so many big personalities can. With her sparkling attitude, you’ll want to spend time with her just for the excitement she can bring into any boring moment, but why stop there?


Judy’s skills truly shine in the bedroom, where you can see this exotic Oriental flower in her element. She loves bringing pleasure to men, and her exotic beauty combined with her experience in the sensual arts makes her an ideal Asian escort who has never once left a man unsatisfied. Take one look at her and you’ll understand why.


When you first see Judy, she’ll be hard to believe, as it seems impossible that breasts so big can be found on a girl so tiny, but yes, this petite Asian beauty is every bit the sexy girl she appears and more.


With a cute face and a great body, you’d think that Judy can just get by on her looks, but she is so much more.


Bright and fun with a sparkling personality, you will want to spend time with her just for the excitement she can bring into any boring moment, but why stop there?

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 13 reviews
 by Anonymous

Hey, Judy, I'm glad to be able to enjoy drinks and dinner with you. I'll keep in touch with you when I next visit NYC Queens. Thank you

 by Anonymous

Hello, Judy, I'm glad to spend time having dinner and drinks with you. I will be in touch with you whenever I next will be with Escorts in Queens. Thank you

 by Anonymous

After two hours of building the love of my life, I lost all sense at times. She is a sucker of body fluid into her. She's too logical, and it seems she is a worthy candidate for someone who has more strength than I don't have. She's a professional and knowledgeable person to new york asian escort.

 by Anonymous

Judy has been an Asian Escort who can keep her clients happy. She's hot. A slim figure and a sexy stomach will bring your lips to the surface each when you see her move. She's always ready to make you smile, and if you're looking for the perfect Asian model with curves that are all over the place and a sexy figure, you've found what you've been searching for!

 by Anonymous

I wasn't sure what I was looking for when I wanted to find my first Asian Escort experience. However, when I called Oriental Escorts New York, the company provided Judy for me. I was stunned by her gorgeousness and how Sofia was mine for the entire evening. I cannot express enough gratitude for this experience and the lovely Judy.

 by Anonymous

My guide Judy was amazing, as was I. She gave me the most enjoyable time of my life. She was incredible. I would rate this service the standard five out of five stars!

 by Anonymous

Judy's skills shine in the bedroom, where you can see this Asian doll. Busty and exotic, she is a girl who knows how to have sex. Her busty chest presses into your back while her Asian hips grind against yours, sending your Asian girl sex toy into overdrive.

 by Anonymous

She moans in ecstasy as she feels how large you are inside of her tight Asian pussy, making her moan until she can't take it anymore. Judy is like an Asian doll who loves to show off her big natural bust.

 by Anonymous

Not only does she have the curves that you love, but she also knows how to please a man with true skills in bed! Watch as this busty girl takes care of business and gets the job done.

 by Anonymous

When you need Asian escort services, there is no one better than Julia. Top to bottom, she's Asian, and she is known for her Asian hotness. If Asian escorts are what you want, then this girl will be your sensual fantasy comes true. She has a sexy attitude that makes her perfect for the job.

 by Anonymous

Julia is the Asian hottest Asian escort in town. She has an enviable figure and knows just how to use it to drive you mad with desire. Her sexiness will leave your head spinning as she takes care of all your needs and then some if you're ready for an Asian hot encounter that will heat up your night.

 by Anonymous

She has a very sexy and sensual fantasy which will make you feel like it's the first time with her because she is quite experienced in sexiness. Even though Julia might be young, she can take care of your needs and satisfy all sexual fantasies that you have ever thought about.

 by Anonymous

My escort Judy was brilliant and I had the time of my life. She was absolutely stunning! I would give this service a definite 5 out of 5 stars!

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Overall Rating: 5

    Judy is the kind of young lady you’ll need to consider if you want someone who can accomplish almost anything.

    By: EscortclientID | 2 months ago