Name: Rose
Age: 24
Height: 5′ 3″
Hair: Black
Eyes: Black
Statistics: 34D-27-36
Nationality:  Japan
Languages:  US English
Outcall: Yes
Location: New York city

Introducing Rose: The Exquisite Japanese Model of New York City

Indulge in the enchanting presence of Rose, a captivating Japanese model based in the vibrant city of New York.

With her stunning beauty and irresistible allure, Rose embodies the perfect blend of cuteness and sensuality. Beneath her demure exterior lies a charismatic personality that will leave you in awe.

Discover the magic that unfolds as Rose’s radiant Asian beauty and captivating sexuality take center stage.

Whether you choose to embark on a thrilling night out or prefer a cozy, intimate evening in, every moment spent with Rose will be etched in your memory for a lifetime.

Rose is more than just a pretty face; she possesses a warm and easygoing nature that makes her a delight to be around.

Take the time to get to know her, and you will uncover the layers of her intriguing persona. Her beauty transcends the ordinary, leaving you spellbound.

As a sought-after Japanese service model in New York, Rose embodies the epitome of beauty with a remarkable physique that will leave you breathless.

From her stunning curves to her captivating smile, every aspect of her appearance is nothing short of extraordinary.

Rose’s unique blend of cuteness and sensuality, combined with her down-to-earth and delicate demeanor, makes her an irresistible choice for those seeking an unforgettable encounter with an Asian escort.

Immerse yourself in the company of Rose, and let her vibrant energy and zest for life ignite your senses. Her captivating presence will ensure that your visit to New York City becomes an extraordinary experience that surpasses all expectations.

Prepare to bask in the attention as Rose’s alluring charm turns heads and leaves others envious of the remarkable companion by your side.

Don’t miss the opportunity to make memories that will last a lifetime.

Contact us now and embark on an extraordinary journey with Rose, the enchanting Japanese model who will captivate your heart and soul.Experience the allure of Rose firsthand.

Let’s arrange a meeting and embark on an unforgettable adventure in the company of this captivating Japanese model.

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New York Super Asian Models Escort Service
Average rating:  
 14 reviews
 by Anonymous

She is stunning. Asian Beauty is captivating, and her sexy body’s are extraordinary. Her Korean goddess can make anyone feel like a king when he has the gorgeous lady in their arms. Get ready to be amazed by Rose, the Asian goddess of Escort.

 by Anonymous

Rose is a gorgeous NYC Japanese Escort who has a gorgeous and flirty character. Rose is looking to become a sour lover or an attractive companion. If you're in search of Japanese Escorts that provide more than just an extra than a simple escort, then think about Rose!

 by Anonymous

When I met her when she was scheduled, I was relaxed and relaxed within a couple of hours. Massages helped me relax more than I ever thought. The result was excellent, and I had a great time with this Asian escort...

 by Anonymous

While she looks cute and innocent, she's a serious animal NYC Asian escort once you get to know her. She's willing to take requests for sexually explicit calls. Contact us today to learn more about how Rose will do to satisfy your needs!

 by Anonymous

Rose Is a sexy model, I am very satisfied to get her

 by Anonymous

Rose is a NY Japanese model who has the most beautiful beauty. Sensual, delicate, and great Asian escort are just some words that describe her. She's not only intelligent but also very successful in many aspects of life. Her dedication to hard work has helped her become one of the most sought-after models in NYC.

 by Anonymous

She provides high-quality services that are great for any occasion. She's one of the best Asian escorts in New York City, with an exquisite body and beautiful face to match.

 by Anonymous

She is a great Asian escort in NYC, so if you are looking for someone to accompany you on your next business or pleasure trip, she will be perfect.

 by Anonymous

She was beautiful and couldn’t have given me a better service if she tried. A naturally sweet escort and I loved her cute fresh face. The nice pert boobs and that amazing ass were the icing on the cake of course and I was more than satisfied with the whole package and the price. Thank you so much.

 by Anonymous

Rose was delightful and very charming from the moment I arrived. She does seem quite young but I found her to be one of the most professional and passionate encounters I’ve had, and this was my first time with this agency. Nice flat, easy to find and secure, and very friendly service right from the start, better than the average in my opinion. The perfect girlfriend experience with lots of kissing and cuddling. Watching her on top was a dream and something I’ll be back to experience again very soon. Cheers!

 by Anonymous

I had never considered using an Asian escort seriously until my most recent excursion in New York City. I called Oriental Escorts New York and met Rose on a whim, and I'm so happy I did. Rose was stunning. She's incredibly gorgeous. She took me to heights of pleasure that I had never thought possible. Highly recommended

 by Anonymous

My second visit to Rose will not be my last. Simply put, she is first class, beautiful and she pulls out all the stops to make me feel like the only person that matters. She is very VERY addictive! I always feel completely at home in her company. Top escort, top marks (10/10), and top service.

 by Anonymous

She's a fantastic Asian to accompany you in NYC if you're searching for the perfect person to join you for your next pleasure or business excursion. She's a perfect choice.

 by Anonymous

When I met her when she was scheduled, I was relaxed and relaxed within a couple of hours. Massages helped me relax more than I ever thought. The result was excellent, and I had a great time.

10 reviews for “Rose”

Overall Rating: 4.7

    Rose has been described as an Asian woman who is hot, fun, and lively.

    By: EscortclientID | 1 year ago

    I had her last week, she was good, but my girlfriend found out afterwards.

    By: Henry Chen | 1 year ago

    hot model

    By: websiteoneeditor | 8 months ago

    u r beautiful

    By: websiteoneeditor | 8 months ago

    big tits and butts

    By: websiteoneeditor | 8 months ago

    great choice for a romantic night out

    By: websiteoneeditor | 7 months ago

    she will be wearing sexy lingerie that shows off her stunning figure.

    By: James A. Mahle | 7 months ago

    she is one of those girls that can look truly pretty in more conservative attire

    By: websiteoneeditor | 7 months ago

    Rose is such amazing girl

    By: websiteoneeditor | 7 months ago

    she used her body making me feel like a king.

    By: Cort | 7 months ago

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