Size: 34C – 25- 36

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 109 Lbs

Age: 22

Working Language: US English

Available: Outcall, 24/7​

If you’ve ever heard the saying that “great things come in small packages” and wanted proof, then look no further than petite Asian escort Victoria. If you’ve ever dreamed of having a night of unfathomable passion with a sweet and petite Asian beauty with one of the firmest, sweetest butts you’ve ever seen on an Asian girl, then don’t hesitate to call and book an appointment with Victoria today!


One look at this cutie with her sweet smile and adorable face will tell you that this exotic and mysterious Japanese escort has a great sense of fun, but there is so much more beneath the surface. Her sweet exterior hides an experienced woman with an understanding of sensuality that will arouse you as much as they surprise you. Every bit as naughty as she is sweet, an evening with Victoria is one that you won’t easily forget.


She loves nothing more than to bring pleasure into the life of a true gentleman, and if you make her acquaintance and treat her like the lady every gentleman deserves, you’ll see how this petite beauty can take you to peaks of pleasure you never knew possible.


This exotic and mysterious Asian escort has a great sense of fun as her cute smile and cuter face will tell you, but an understanding of sensuality that will surprise and arouse as she takes you to new peaks of bodily pleasure.


There is nothing she loves more than bringing pleasure into the life of a true gentleman; why not make her acquaintance today and see what Victoria can do for you?Type your paragraph here.


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New York Super Asian Models Escort Service
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 16 reviews
 by Anonymous

Victoria is the ideal choice if you would like to have a cute and attractive girl in your bed with you as your nightmare, to satisfy the demands of your young. Victoria is a hot Korean girl. Victoria. Her Ligure is light and features long legs. She also has a tight hull and soft, white skin.

 by Anonymous

I love her. Simple, with an innocent face, however, she's hot in the room. The girl is hot inside and out, and her cost is great. Even though I had to wait, the whole thing ended up in an awesome moment.

 by Anonymous

Victoria is a thin and well-defined female. Her butt has a few things to the left of the description. She wailed her pussy all over my hot daddy. Three rational rounds with her isn't an exaggeration. Thanks

 by Anonymous

The Asian Escorts are famous for their attractiveness. However, Victoria is quiet and smart, with a biting wit that will keep you entertained throughout the evening.

 by Anonymous

When you’re in a five star city like NYC and you want some five star attention, make sure Victoria’s your Asian escort of choice. When I was last in town for business and needed a date, Victoria was the perfect companion for me when I needed some arm candy, and some special attention back in my hotel room.

 by Anonymous

Victoria is a Japanese escort who specializes in Japanese and Asian escorting. She's an Asian beauty with a slender body, natural breasts, and all-natural Japanese pubic hair. Her long black hair frames her delicate features, making her irresistible to the eye.

 by Anonymous

She was wonderful! Thank you

 by Anonymous

This Asian escorts are famous for their beauty, but Victoria is discreet and intelligent with a sharp wit that will keep you captivated throughout the evening.

 by Anonymous

Victoria has been working as an escort for over 10 years now - she knows what men want. She provides an intimate and erotic bed partner experience.

 by Anonymous

What a smiley girl, sexy, loving, naughty, playful, and a real treat. She blew my mind with her sexuality and affection!!!! I couldn’t resist booking that extra hour. She made me so satisfied and offers unforgettable moments. Flat in great locations and clean and homely.

 by Anonymous

Victoria is a tiny Asian Escort with soft and silky Asian skin. Her body is a little cuddly with perfect tones and features, but her doll-like eyes and pouty lips are her greatest assets.

 by Anonymous

What a woman! What a body! What a pair of boobs!! I’m very pleased with my visit, especially because she looks as great in real life as she does in her pictures. She was stunning and extremely good at her job. No clock watching, very engaging, and nice to see an escort that really enjoys herself too. Well worth it for the price and a second visit is on the cards for when I’m next in the area.

 by Anonymous

Victoria may be a petite little Asian escort, but trust me when I say she’s got it where it counts. she’s got experience and she knows how to use it to make your night in the city into an experience you’ll never forget.

 by Anonymous

Victoria is age 24. As a hot young lady, I'll awaken your sexual moment by inviting you. If you show our sexual arousal to her, she'll allow you to kiss her as you would give her genuine happiness. Make Victoria your partner to enjoy your boring life more.

 by Anonymous

You'll surely be amazed by her since she's an Asian who is always full of laughter and smiling with her gorgeous smile. If you're looking for a memorable night ensure you contact her at any time. She offers an excellent level of customer service for those who are looking for something unique and is willing to have a night of intimacy with a romantic night out with pyloric beauty. She's the perfect companion for evening.

 by Anonymous

I am in love with her. Simple, with a sweet face. But she's hot in the room. The girl is gorgeous on the inside and out, and her rate is a steal. Although I had to stand in line, the whole experience was a memorable moment.

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Overall Rating: 4.6

    When you’re in a five star city like NYC and you want some five star attention, make sure Victoria’s your Asian escort of choice.

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    I’m really enjoying the models

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    fantastic feel to have cute girl under my arm …

    By: Mikel | 3 months ago

    recommend her service for pleasure seeker

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    she is kind and sweet girl to use her service for weekend

    By: Jack JK | 1 month ago

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